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Main Culture — A unique conceptual space ZMIST art & design was opened in Odessa


A unique conceptual space ZMIST art & design was opened in Odessa

02 Dec, 2021
A unique conceptual space ZMIST art & design was opened in Odessa

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Over the weekend, the official opening of ZMIST art & design took place at 2 French Boulevard in Odessa. It is a conceptual space that combines art and design to create a holistic space filled with meaning.

ZMIST art & design contains paintings and sculptures by contemporary Ukrainian artists (Maria Primachenko, Stepan Ryabchenko, Valeriy Basanets, Svetlana Yusim, Bondero, Yuriy Musatov, Lyudmila Yastreb), conceptual design and decor items, furniture (Alberta Salotti, Meridiani, Smania, Giorgetti, Rugiano, Levantin design), interior items from Makhno Product are exclusively presented. Each piece is carefully selected here - together and separately, they fill the interior with depth and personality.

I was born into a family of collectors and by my own example I know how important it is to shape taste from childhood. My kids can tell the difference between genuine "beautiful" and fake. We created ZMIST art & design to form a new approach to interior design. And we took this step together with partners and friends, including designers, architects and just people with good taste.

Alexandr Vernik
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Alexandr Vernik
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The opening itself took place in the open-door format - visitors came at any time convenient for them. These days, Zmist Talks were also organized on the theme "Interior and Art" - with the participation of the architect Sergey Makhno and his wife, art critic Vlada Makhno, and Kirill Lipatov, head of the scientific department of the Odessa National Art Museum. At the event, everyone could personally talk about art with the co-owner and CEO of the ZARS construction holding George Bochorishvili and the entrepreneur Alexander Vernik, who made the opening of ZMIST art & design possible.

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For me personally, and I am convinced for our clients, it is important that the places where we live, work and play should inspire us, energize us, and, if possible, reflect our vision. I am sure that such spaces can be created by integrating unique art and design objects into the interior. Interacting with each other, they fill it with meaning, make it aesthetic and individual. This is the main task of the ZMIST art & design space, which appeared within the real estate management company ZARS Management.

George Bochorishvili
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George Bochorishvili
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I am glad that ZARS management, whose mission is to create additional opportunities and privileges for real estate owners, has found another place for expressing its values ​​- in this case, through art.
And my company "Atmosphere", as an authorized partner of ZARS for the creation of interiors, can now interact with clients in a new space, where every centimeter is filled with meaning.

Alexandr Vernik
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ZMIST art & design is located at French Boulevard, 2. We are open every day from 10:00 to 18:00, seven days a week. Here you can buy art, furniture and decor, as well as get advice from specialised experts.

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George Bochorishvili and Alexandr Vernik at the opening of Zmist Art & Design

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