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Main War — 8th Day of War. Chronicles


8th Day of War. Chronicles

03 Mar, 2022
8th Day of War. Chronicles

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By Dumskaya

Photo: burnt tanks in Sumy region

UPDATED AT 23:56. In the Mykolaiv region, the enemy lost 245 pieces of equipment in two days: 30 helicopters, many personnel, many armored personnel carriers and fuel trucks. This was stated by the head of the military administration of the Nikolaev region Viktor Kim.

UPDATED AT 23:44. Russian troops near Genichesk are surrounded and are already preparing to set off on their last journey - to leave Ukrainian territory.

UPDATED AT 23:34. State Concern "Ukroboronprom" began to accept and repair captured equipment.

“This is the Tiger SBRM. Almost new, low mileage, engine, gearbox and chassis intact. There are traces of burning and small remains of organic matter. The car will serve Ukraine well,” the General Staff said.

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UPDATED AT 21:34. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports: the European Union has changed the rules for the stay of Ukrainians on its territory.

Citizens of Ukraine can stay in the EU for a year without any additional conditions. They can legally live, work, receive education and medical services. If the conflict drags on or they cannot return home due to danger, their stay in the EU will be extended for another two years.

UPDATED AT 20:09. In Gostomel near Kiev, the battle continues. Warriors of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine defeated a column of enemy BMD-3s. The department reported about 10 destroyed cars of the occupiers.

UPDATED AT 19:45. The second round of negotiations between the Ukrainian delegation and representatives of the aggressor country has ended.

A member of our group of negotiators, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak, said that “unfortunately, we did not get the results we expected.”

The only progress is understanding how humanitarian corridors can be organized to help residents of the surrounded Ukrainian cities.

UPDATED AT 18:51. In Kyiv, the SBU detained a man who was passing information to the enemy and persuading the Russians to hit the TV tower.

On the evening of March 1, five people were killed due to a missile attack on the tower.

UPDATED AT 18:40. The city of Voznesensk in the Mykolaiv region, on the outskirts of which Russian troops entered in the morning, is under Ukrainian control. According to Dumskaya, the army and the defense system defeated the column of invaders and dispersed the frightened Russians. Several have already been captured and taken prisoner.

UPDATED AT 18:26. Russian fascists continue to fire at civilians in Kharkiv. A missile attack was carried out on the Yuzhnaya Saltovka area, and many houses were destroyed and set on fire. People under the rubble are being rescued by 140 employees of the State Emergency Service, the State Emergency Service said.

UPDATED AT 18:18. Sailors from the ship Helt, which the invaders shot down, were delivered to Chernomorsk.

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UPDATED AT 17:08. The death toll resulting from fascist airstrikes on residential buildings in Chernihiv has risen to 22 people.

UPDATED AT 17:05. The Ministry of Infrastructure reports that the entire crew from the wrecked merchant ship Helt has been rescued. There are six sailors on board the Ukrainian rescue boat SAR 01, and their health condition is satisfactory. The boat is heading towards Chernomorsk.

The ship sank beyond the 12-mile zone on the traverse of Yuzhny port.

It is noted that now there are 80 foreign ships in Ukrainian ports that cannot go to sea due to Russian aggressors' blockade and piracy actions.

UPDATED AT 16:56. The Ukrainian soldiers obtained an important document - the signatures of the Russian aggressors stating that they "give their consent to carry out combat missions on the territory of foreign states."

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UPDATED AT 16:29. A Ukrainian delegation arrived in the Belarusian Belovezhskaya Pushcha to conduct the second round of negotiations with representatives of the aggressor country.

According to Arakhamia, the “minimum programme” for Ukraine at the talks is the organization of humanitarian corridors.

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UPDATED AT 16:07. At the entrance to the Odessa Bay, the invaders sank the merchant ship Helt (Panama flag, owner - Estonia).

The crew consisted of six people - four Ukrainians and two Russians.

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UPDATED AT 16:04. The governor of the Chernihiv region, Vyacheslav Chaus, said that due to the shelling of residential buildings in the regional center by Russian fascists, nine people were killed and four were injured.

UPDATED AT 15:55. Propaganda of the aggressor country reports that Major General of the Russian Armed Forces, Deputy Commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Central Military District Andrei Sukhovetsky died in Ukraine.

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UPDATED AT 15:36. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny said: Russian aggressors will try to drop mobilized residents of the occupied areas of Donbas into Odessa.

According to the General Staff, now the invaders are forming units as part of the 1st and 2nd army corps on the so-called "LDNR" territory, which are sent to the occupied Crimea to conduct a "sea offensive operation to capture Odessa."

It is noted that some of these units were previously thrown in the first echelon of the attack on Kyiv as cannon fodder.

UPDATED AT 15:15. Photo and video results of today's shelling of residential buildings in Chernihiv.

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UPDATED AT 14:54. Our air defense shot down an enemy Su-24M aircraft, which was trying to bombard a power plant in the village of Zatoka in the Odessa region. The pilot ejected; they are looking for him.

The enemy plane managed to launch a missile. Several houses were damaged in Zatoka.

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UPDATED AT 14:24. According to eyewitnesses, the battle for the liberation of Gostomel began. The "Kyiv cauldron" for the enemies is shrinking … A video of the battle results for the local airfield has appeared - there are broken enemy vehicles around.

UPDATED AT 14:02. A large column of enemy equipment was destroyed this morning in the Chernihiv region. The headquarters of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published a photo of the broken and abandoned vehicles of the invaders.

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UPDATED AT 12:58. In Kyiv, the SBU detained another detachment of saboteurs. Suspicious men took pictures of one of the metro stations. In their car, they found machine guns, an RPG and charges for it, as well as spending checkers and a homemade bomb.

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UPDATED AT 12:52. The invaders launched a missile and bomb attack on the center of Chernihiv. Residential buildings were damaged, according to the local editorial office of SuspÑ–lny. Information about the victims is being specified.

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UPDATED AT 12:50. Broken Russian equipment near Mariupol.

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UPDATED AT 12:43 PM. The invaders shelled Mariupol. Enemy shells hit the Epicenter and Silpo supermarkets. A big fire started.

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UPDATED AT 12:34. The armed forces of Ukraine recaptured the city of Bucha near Kyiv from the invaders. The city is under Ukrainian control. Next Irpin and Gostomel.

UPDATED AT 12:27. A downed enemy tank on a destroyed bridge in the village of Kalinovka, Mykolaiv region. This occupier is not going anywhere.

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UPDATED AT 12:06 PM. In the Sumy region, the Armed Forces and border guards pushed back the occupiers and reached the state border line.

This was announced by the Secretary of the National Defense and Security Council Alexei Danilov.

UPDATED AT 11:56. Another downed plane of the occupiers. This morning, in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation, our air defense shot down the latest Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber. This was reported at the headquarters of the JFO.

UPDATED AT 11:29. President of Ukraine, Commander-in-Chief Volodymyr Zelensky, once again spoke to his compatriots.

He stated that the occupiers had not achieved any success at the front.

UPDATED AT 11:10. Covering themselves with a red cross, the invaders are transporting ammunition in ambulances. Meanwhile, hundreds of corpses of their soldiers are lying on Ukrainian soil, dozens of wounded Russians are being treated by Ukrainian doctors.

UPDATED AT 11:04. Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar reported new data on Russian losses.

The invaders lost 9 thousand soldiers and officers for a week of fighting.

UPDATED AT 10:40. Ukrzaliznytsia allocated 20 refrigerated wagons to transport the corpses of Russian soldiers.

The cars are waiting for the "200th" at Fastov, Odessa - Zastava, Podolsk, Merefa and Zaporizhzhia.

“The carrying capacity of one refrigerator car is 50 tons, that is, we can take out 10,000 killed soldiers of the Russian occupation army,” the UZ said

It is noted that the cars with the corpses of Russians will move at a sanitary distance from passenger trains.

Ukrzaliznytsya clarifies that refrigerators are intended exclusively for the occupiers. Our Armed Forces will bury the heroes who laid down their lives defending Ukraine in the prescribed manner and with army honors.

UPDATED AT 10:32. An enemy Su-30 fighter jet has just been shot down near the city of Irpin in the Kyiv region. The capital's anti-aircraft gunners worked. This was reported by the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

UPDATED AT 10:22. The invaders were rebuffed in the Sumy region. Tanks burned.

“They thought they were 'reckless warriors', meaning fearless. In the photo - they are. The Ukrainians showed how an occupier without a tower should look like,” the General Staff said in a statement.

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UPDATED AT 10:01. Fire at an oil depot in Chernihiv: according to the State Emergency Service, five thousand cubic meters of diesel fuel are burning on the State Enterprise Aistra Combine territory. 25 rescuers and nine special vehicles extinguish the fire.

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UPDATED AT 09:58. The commander of the firing platoon of the Uragan installations of the 30th rocket artillery brigade of the RF Armed Forces, Atem Mikheev, surrendered.

The occupier could not stand the fact that they had to hit the houses of civilians with rockets and kill children.

During interrogation, he burst into tears and asked his relatives to forgive him for everything. In Ulan-Ude, his wife and four-month-old daughter are waiting for him.

UPDATED AT 09:51. An oil depot in Chernihiv was subjected to enemy bombing. An intense fire has started, information about the victims is being specified.

UPDATED AT 07:32. The movement of the landing detachment of the enemy fleet is observed in the Black Sea. This was reported by the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense in the morning report.

Four large landing ships, accompanied by three missile boats, were sighted in the direction of Odessa.

UPDATED AT 05:27. On March 1, an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission employee to Ukraine was killed during a rocket attack on Kharkiv by enemy troops.

As stated in the mission report, the deceased employee is a resident of Kharkiv, she was fatally injured during shelling at her home.

UPDATED AT 03:30. The General Staff reported that on March 2, anti-aircraft missile units destroyed three enemy aircraft and two Russian helicopters.

UPDATED AT 01:30. Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian army destroyed almost nine thousand invaders in a week.

UPDATED AT 00:30. Ukraine has already received the second batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems from Estonia.

In addition, a cargo plane landed late on March 2, bringing 2,700 disposable anti-tank grenade launchers and a mobile hospital from Denmark.

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The Odessa Journal

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