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Main Culture — French Spring: "Three Totems" by "Les Quidams"


French Spring: "Three Totems" by "Les Quidams"

07 Jul, 2021
French Spring: "Three Totems" by "Les Quidams"

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As a continuation of the French Spring 2021 festival, the Alliance Française Odessa, with the support of the French Embassy in Ukraine, the French Institute in Ukraine and the Odessa City Council, invites you to the street performance "Three Totems" by "Les Quidams" project: July 11 at 8:30 pm.

Moving smoothly and slowly, the figures suddenly come to life and begin to dance with ease. A revelation awaits the audience: what are these mysterious shadows that emit light?

Founded in 1994 by its artistic director, Jean-Baptiste Duperray, the Company "Les Quidams" created more than a dozen performances in over forty countries, from Europe to Australia via the Asia or South America, including Ukraine. It brings together twenty artists and technicians from different backgrounds ( theater, dance, music, circus). La Compagnie "Les Quidams" is based in Etrez Quidams village in the North of the Ain. Alongside his broadcasting business, it develops awareness projects for Street Arts.

odessajournal 0
Parade Blanche, May 24th 2019 in Ville de Bourg-en-Bresse

odessajournal 1

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (06/08/2016). Festival de Teatro, Música y Danza TEMUDAS. Foto: Tony Hernández

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"Le Rêve d'Herbert"
©Alain Luyten

Their specialisation is traveling performances. Giant, ethereal figures dressed in long coats, the Totems glide through the crowd. They attract you, brush against you, caress you, sometimes even envelope you. Their movements are made of controlled imbalances and incessant whirlpools. The light that shines within them is the witness of their inner life, governed by the puppeteer who animates them. The Totems vibrate, dance and play along to rhythmic and joyful music. They gently invite you to their ‘‘secret room’’, to deliver you with humility, the vision of their world and way of life. At the end of this thrilling dance, the light and the breath that heldthem down gradually fades away.

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Photos : JJPauget
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Photos : JJPauget

Creation team :
Authors : Jean-Baptiste Duperray & Géraldine Clément
Derector : Jean-Baptiste Duperray
Creation of costumes : Géraldine Clément
Technical creation : Frédéric Grand
Musical creation : Sueño en la Fábrica

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