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Honey Way

23 Apr, 2020
Honey Way

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Honey to the door, with free delivery for pensioners

This campaign was launched in April 2020 by the beekeepers of Kherson region; from which they got moral satisfaction and economic benefits.

The group of beekeepers in Kherson region, together with the public organization "Zemlya Tavrii" conducted a study and found out that pensioners bought the honey more often than others. But during quarantine, there is a restriction on movement, and people don’t visit public spaces, including the honey fairs, and older people have been cut out the access to some products.

So, the beekeepers decided not to wait, but announced a campaign – honey with door delivery from 3 liters. Moreover, understanding the financial situation of the pensioners, they decided to make free delivery for them.

One could order honey by phone, indicated in the newspaper article. The Kherson citizens were interested in the range and asked for advice on how to choose honey. Some pensioners asked shyly, if it is possible to order not 3 liters of honey, but just one. The beekeepers have decided obligatory to satisfy every order of the older people

says Kateryna Fomina, the Specialist of “Zemlya Tavrii”

Thus, during the first week of April they sold 120 liters of honey, 50 liters of which were sold to 34 pensioners. Older people received the healthy sweets without leaving home. It is a very important help for them during the quarantine period.

We are glad that thanks to such campaign the beekeepers found a new sales channel, reached the clients, including the pensioners who receved care and honey

says Oleksandra Harmash, Cross Cutting Manager of UHBDP

The group “Kherson beekeepers”, created with the support of “Zemlya Tavrii” which, for its part, supported by the Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project, has organized the honey fairs repeatedly and has established itself as a producer of delicious, quality honey.

The business model of the group “Kherson beekeepers” had changed after their visit to Poland. This visit was organized with UHBDP support. In Poland, beekeepers saw with their own eyes how cooperation can be a driving force. When they came back home, beekeepers radically changed their approach to business. Previously, they used to sell honey to trader, receiving low price. Trader futher exported their honey abroad. As a result of received experience they decided to unite and promote their product on the domestic market. Now honey, packaged in small volumes, finds its consumers on the internal market. And beekeepers strengthen cooperation, which brings not only economic benefits to the producers, but also improves health of the local citizens.

Sourse: UHBDP

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