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Main Business — How Wildix supports its staff in Covid-19 times


How Wildix supports its staff in Covid-19 times

16 Nov, 2020
How Wildix supports its staff in Covid-19 times

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic started many organisations and employers were forced to reduce their workforce and stop recruitment due to the global crisis.

Today, in our Company Life feature we will speak about an international organisation that, not only kept and supported all their staff, but also offered cooperation to those professionals, who were left out in the challenging times.

We are talking about Wildix, the world leader in UC and WebRTC, whose long lasting-cooperation with numerous IT, Sales and Marketing professionals from Odessa gets stronger with time.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing some Staff Members of Wildix in Odessa and learned about their corporate culture, HR policy and growth path.

Alexey Stratiyenko, Deputy Chief Sales Officer

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“I joined Wildix back in 2012 as a Junior Sales Specialist for the newly established French Market. From Day 1, in the company I saw the unlimited potential for my own growth as Wildix is driven by highly motivated leaders and team. Over these last 8 years since I joined, we have opened 6 new markets & became a 200+ employee international company. Today, I work at the position of the Deputy Chief Sales Officer and I help other salespeople to succeed with & within our company. Working in Wildix means growing fast in the fastest growing industry, and I love it!”

Andrey Ignatenko, QA Team Lead in the VoIP Department

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"I am the QA team lead within the Wildix VoIP department. I have 6 years of experience in the industry, 3 of which I spent with Wildix. In previous outsourcing companies, I was not satisfied with the attitude towards the personnel and the working conditions were unsatisfactory. When I saw a vacancy for a QA engineer at Wildix, I sent my resume without hesitation as I was looking for a new job within the VoIP space. I am happy about the choice I have made then. Employees are taken care of in every sense in Wildix: free lunches, 20 workday paid vacation per year, competitive salary that increases regularly, free education courses, free English lessons with native speakers, yearly medical check up, etc. Being an Engineer it is important for me to work on various challenging tasks that allow my personal growth and development, and this is what Wildix has given to me and to my numerous colleagues."

Elena Kornilova, Technical Documentation Manager

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"It was April 2012 when I came to Wildix to work in a position of a Technical Writer. I am educated in linguistics, that’s why I was looking for a position where I could apply my knowledge of four foreign languages. I didn’t have anything to do in my life with IT and telecommunications. But Wildix leadership believed that technical writing should be user-centric, you don’t need to be a software or a telecommunications engineer to understand the problems and the challenges the Customer is facing. Currently I’m Technical Documentation Manager and I’m leading several projects at Wildix. I found my vocation here. I fell in love with technology and I enjoy being a part of this product that we develop. I am fascinated by Wildix culture, which fosters trust and transparency, is open to change, encourages leadership, and provides opportunities to grow."

Vasiliy Ganchev, Product Manager

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"My career at Wildix started 6 years ago, when I was looking for new challenges and wanted to grow as a technical specialist. My education really helped me in achieving my goals, I graduated from Odessa Academy of Telecommunications and worked 7 years as a teacher there. Here in Wildix, I got all the possibilities to apply my theoretical knowledge and experience. By the way, many Academy graduates are employed by Wildix and this really shows the company's interest in cooperation with qualified professionals and helping them apply gained knowledge practically. Over these 6 years I have developed in my role and have just been appointed as a Product Manager. This new role is not only a big responsibility but also a real testament to the commitment I have towards the company, colleagues and our Customers."

Julia Solomientseva, HR Manager

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"Thanks to the technology that Wildix developed we were able to move all Wildix Odessa based staff to remote working within one single day without any latency or harm to productivity during the Covid-19 outbreak. We kept being committed to Wildix’s growth and have successfully employed 23 professionals over the quarantine period. I joined Wildix 4 years ago and have been lucky to see the company's constant growth over these years.

Wildix’s recruitment never stops, and we are currently having many interesting positions open and invite interested parties to get in touch: Sales Specialist (German Market), Sales Specialist (French Market), Marketing Specialist (Italian Market), Marketing Specialist (Spanish market), Technical Support Engineer (European market), Middle VoIP QA engineer, Middle QA Engineer, UX Designer, VoIP Engineer, Middle Integration Web Developer, Global HR."

For further information: www.wildix.com

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