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Main War — In Russia, the courts are swamped with cases due to payments for the death of the military


In Russia, the courts are swamped with cases due to payments for the death of the military

28 Aug, 2022
In Russia, the courts are swamped with cases due to payments for the death of the military

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Relatives of the killed occupiers are fighting for so-called "grave money" in Russia - father against mother, aunt against grandfather, and sister against parents - the courts are overwhelmed with cases.

In Russia, the death of a loved one in the war has turned into a jackpot of more than 12 million rubles: exactly how much they are now paying for the deceased, according to TSN.

While Russian propaganda was coming up with a reason for the soldier to leave and die in Ukraine, in the Russian Federation's hinterland and family circle, they discussed completely different incentives. The plot about the infamous Lada, which parents bought on the "grave money" in memory of their son, launched a new flywheel of Russian propaganda. “To receive money for the deceased and not be upset, but to say that his last wish was fulfilled by such a message to the masses so that everyone knows how normal it is,” says psychologist Elena Shershneva.

In addition, people demonstrated the dream of many inhabitants of the hinterland - a car - here it is - you just have to go to war. “And it is hinted that the state compensates very generously if this appropriate word “compensates” for the death,” the psychologist adds.

You can find out how much they will give for a relative who wants to fight by calling the phones mentioned on the main Russian TV channel. The offer is so attractive that relatives in Russia are already fighting for "grave money". The biological father of the 28-year-old deceased appeared, who did not participate in his son's life, and now wants the part of the money for his death. Or the aunt deceived all the money from the grandfather for the deceased 27-year-old nephew. Or another father against mother, he also wants at least a million. The most challenging money went to the relatives of the privates who died on the cruiser "Moskva".

“After it was drowned, it turned out that there were conscripts there, so the parents argued for a very long time that their children were on board and that they were also entrusted with some kind of payments,” says Russian journalist Antonina Asanova.

More than 100 days after the incident, they finally received a death certificate. The father of the deceased soldier Yegor Shkrebets, Dmitry, described everything in his blog, but in the end, he was left with nothing. “My wife took all the money and disappeared. Sim cards are disabled. This is my life - betrayed by the most loved one,” he writes.

Courts in all regions of the Russian Federation are now overwhelmed with cases - some relatives want to sue "grave money" from others or from the army. “Normal wages in those parts are 300-400 dollars there, and here 150 thousand dollars. This is a lot,” says Russian ex-State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev.

So far, the "grave money" is being skillfully paid out of the reserve fund, which is filled by selling oil and gas, which have risen in price due to the war. The total amount of payments is growing by leaps and bounds.

“In the first half of July, 113 billion rubles were reserved in the federal budget. Now it is almost 150 billion rubles,” the journalist adds.

Elementary mathematics - the amount spent is compensation for 12 thousand of military deaths. At the same time, propaganda insists that "there are no losses." And then there are mercenaries from the so-called gray zone, whose relatives cannot claim payments at all. “We always emphasize this when we communicate with Russians. Look out of your pockets; this huge amount of money is being spent. But here, for example, those who are fighting for the L/DNR do not belong to them at all. Those who are fighting because of the Wagner group or the Redut group, they are also not entitled to state payments," convinces Antonina Asanova.

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The Odessa Journal

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