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Main Diplomacy Odessa restaurant guide by the Instagram star Abd Alkarem Safiya


Odessa restaurant guide by the Instagram star Abd Alkarem Safiya

Odessa restaurant guide by the Instagram star Abd Alkarem Safiya

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Brought up in Israel, Abd Alkarem Safiya is now based in Ukraine, in Odessa city. He is studying general medicine and is now in his fifth year. Safiya is considered the most popular student on Instagram, where he offers a guide to his favourite restaurants in Odessa.

The Arabian medical student, known as “Abd Alkarem Safiya” has quickly become a social media star with more than 2.1 million followers. With the 4th anniversary of Safiya's life in Odessa city, it's amazing (and sometimes unusual) to look back at all the goals achieved by the Instagram star. He shows his interesting adventures at the university (Odessa Medical University), but there's also something we can keep up with: food. Here's a list of Safiya's recommended spots to dine out, in Odessa.

Amsterdam Hotel & Restaurant

odessajournal 0

Why? Abd Alkarem frequents this popular eatery with his friends and he always orders Fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy and delicious homemade sauce. Between pastas, pizzas and apps, this place will make you feel like doing a full-blown workout afterwards.

Favourite dish: Fettuccine Neapolitan.

Lou Lou

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Why? Safiya’s favourite restaurant for breakfast, croissants, toasts, pancakes, pancakes. This restaurant provides breakfast until 5 pm!

Favourite dish: Croissant with salmon, artichokes and cream cheese, Croque Madame.


odessajournal 2

Why? Safiya prefer every day to drink from this cafe yummy drinks (go-to is the mango iced tea) with dark chocolate cookies.

Favourite drink: Mango Passion fruit Herbal Tea.


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Why? Safiya think that it’s a good place for dinner or lunch with group of friends! It’s beautiful at morning and evening too.

Favourite dish: Salmon steak baked in josper with cream cheese and basil leaves.

Ryba (fish) Restaurant

odessajournal 4

Why? Fish restaurant on Fontanskaya road is known and loved not only by Odessa residents, but also visitors of South Palmyra. The best fish with the best Odessa recipes, and not only. And the menu of the restaurant is plenty of dishes with seafood, perfectly cooked. A special feature of the restaurant is its summer terrace with a beautiful view of the Black Sea. Abd Alkarem loves fish and seafood, and this place is his favourite restaurant!

Favourite dish: Sunny Marlin fillet, Mackerel with Grilled Vegetables

Golden Rice

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Why? This restaurant is Japanese, Vietnamese, Sushi, Asian, Thai cuisine. Loyal followers of Safiya's stories in Instagram are all aware that those Pineapples with rice and spicy sauce are from a popular restaurant called Golden Rice. It’s one of the best restaurants in Ukraine.

Favourite dish: Pineapples with rice and spicy sauce


odessajournal 6

Why? Chinese cafe chain in Odessa. This is the second Chin-Chin spot in Odessa.

Favourite dish: Chicken with pineapple with spicy sauce.

odessajournal 7

12 Monkeys

odessajournal 8

Why? The 12 Monkeys menu focuses on Middle Eastern cuisine. Shakshuka and grilled avocado with poached egg are served for breakfast, labne, hummus and steaks for lunch, and cocktails in the evening.

Favourite dish: 12 Monkey's Breakfast set.

Grand Prix Restaurant

odessajournal 9

Why? Grand Prix restaurant is located in the centre of old Odessa, in an old building dated 1825. It’s a wonderful restaurant for a good dinner date.

Favourite dish: Chopped Beafsteak, Salad with cheese Buche de Chevre and cherry confit.

Yug Restaurant

odessajournal 10

Why? Abd Alkarem considers this restaurant as the best place for parties or birthdays with friend. He personally celebrated two birthday parties there.

Favourite dish: Classic Hummus with vegetable tartar, Halloumi Cheese with pumpkin puree.

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To be continued...

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