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Main Culture Invogue#ART: "Swimming is not allowed at the port"


Invogue#ART: "Swimming is not allowed at the port"

Invogue#ART: "Swimming is not allowed at the port"

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Till November 8 the Invogue#ART Gallery (Ekaterininskaya, 25) is hosting a group exhibition project "Swimming is not allowed at the port" initiated by the famous Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova.

Finding herself spontaneously involved in the life of a new cultural cluster formed at the Odessa Shipyard Plant SRZ-2, Zhanna Kadyrova was inspired by the unique conditions of this place and gradually joined the work process, simultaneously starting a research project that reveals the socio-cultural and historical contexts and shows the structure and ecosystem that has accommodated a multidisciplinary art community.

Thus the focus has shifted from a simple presentation of new works towards to context, personalities, places and the unique current situation in the life of artists and the modern history of Ukrainian art in general.

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The exhibition there are feature artifacts and testimonies from the past life of the plant, documentation of the moment of transformation of Odessa Shipyard Plant into a cultural cluster, the work of the participants in this process are the projects by the different generations artists which were working at the plant, including Sergey Anufriev, Andrey Babchinsky, Vasya Dmitrik, Maxim Zatsarenny, Denis Ruban, Pavel Klimenko, Natasha Kushnir, Vsevolod Lyulchenko, Commercialpublicart, Ksenia Shcherbakova, Andrey Tsvetkov, Daria Chechushkova, Nika Yarovenko, Sofia Yachmen, Ereh Saw, Nastya Promakhova and others.

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The unplanned residence of Zhanna Kadyrova at SRZ-2 caused by the favourable climate of this place, contributed to the emergence of a new facet of the project, on which the artist has been working for more than 5 years. During her residency at the plant Kadyrova for the first time works with graffiti, conceptually a marker of a certain, rather critical stage of the decay of buildings in which life has stopped.

This is a new round of the "Second hand" project launched in 2014 in Brazil, and presented in 2019 in the main curatorial project of the 58th Venice Biennale in the Central Pavilion in Giardini, which is dedicated to the fate of industrial and public buildings, the function and owners, which have changed in the new post-socialist conditions.

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Zhanna Kadyrova was born in 1981 at Brovary. Now lives and works in Kyiv. Graduated from the State Art Secondary School. T. G. Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine (Sculpture department). The Winner of the Pinchuk Art Center Main Prize, Pinchuk Art Center Special Prize, K. Malevich, Sergey Kuryokhin Prize. Since 2012 she has been working with GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin / Habana / Rome.

Invogue#ART is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2016 in the center of Odessa. Its task is aimed at popularizing contemporary Ukrainian art, discovering new names for collectors, as well as a viewer interested in contemporary art. The gallery is a part of the Invogue Concept Store, a multifunctional space, 900 meters from which there is also a library, a lecture hall, a multi-brand clothing, footwear and accessories store, a photo studio and a cafe.

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