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Just Local: Bell Peppers

18 Sep, 2021
Just Local: Bell Peppers

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More and more organic farms appear in Ukraine, the range of products of which can now be easily found on the shelves of Odessa supermarkets.

Bell pepper is a thermophilic plant, which is why the southern sun of the Odessa region suits it perfectly.

Let's start with the fact that the product, beloved by Ukrainians, has several names. In Ukraine, it is usually called "sweet" pepper or "bell pepper," less often - "paprika". The Bulgarians introduced this plant to Ukrainians and Moldovans. Bulgaria became the main supplier of pepper, hence the popular name for pepper is "Bulgarian pepper". Good fresh peppers are soaked in juice, and when eaten, they give off an appetizing crunchy crunch.

Sweet peppers are widely used in cooking. It is eaten fresh, often pickled, salted, fried, grilled, stuffed. Sweet peppers are an indispensable companion for fresh salads. It goes well with all types of greens and all known vegetables - cabbage, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, radishes.

As you know, this vegetable has a variety of colours. The fruits that you find in the Santim supermarket in Odessa are red, yellow, orange, and green. In addition, they differ in shape, sweetness, and thickness of the skin. Sometimes you can find red peppers with yellow or green sides. Below we give a list of stores where you can buy peppers that you most likely have not tried yet at a convenient time for you.

Bell pepper

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Red, orange, yellow bell peppers are a vegetable that tastes best when eaten raw because it is sweet and inferior in taste to fruits and berries. In addition, it contains a lot of nutrients.

It is eaten fresh but is also often pickled, salted, fried, grilled, or stuffed. As in the rest of the world, bell peppers are often used as a base for various stewed dishes, added to first courses and stews.


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It has medium-sized cone-shaped fruits of light white-green colour. The variety was bred by crossing sweet varieties of bell peppers in the 90s of the 20th century.

The wall thickness is about 6 mm. Pepper fruits are distinguished by excellent taste, juicy, aromatic, light. Ukrainian women usually use it for stuffing or for preparations for the winter.


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Sweet pepper Kapi is an incredibly sweet and mouth-watering product that has many uses in cooking.

Peppers can be green, red, orange, yellow, and purple, depending on the ripening stage and variety. The most significant amount of vitamins is found in red fruits, and the green colour of the fruit is an indicator of its incomplete ripeness. Green peppers taste sweeter than red peppers. And the yellow and orange fruits of the pepper are considered the juiciest.


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Gogoshary is one of the wonders of autumn: magnificent peppers, which differ from ordinary peppers not only in their characteristic shape but also in their special fleshiness and wonderful aroma. The Bulgarians themselves call their peppers "chushka".

Peppers are round, flattened, ribbed, usually green or dark red. Gogoshary tastes sweet but with a bright, spicy aftertaste. The wall thickness is usually 5-6 centimeters. Ukrainian women typically stuff them and bake them in the oven.

"Lamb's horn"

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Pepper "Lamb's Horn" refers to spicy or pungent varieties and is distinguished by its impressive size, as well as its appearance, similar to the horn of a ram, hence the name. The peculiarity of this variety is its incredible aroma and moderately spicy taste.

Just try and you'll be surprised!

For your convenience, below we offer addresses of the Santim shops to buy the assortment of the bell peppers:

  • 2a Makarenko st.
  • 54 Troitskaya st.
  • 3 Sabansky lane
  • 26 B. Arnautskaya st.
  • 84a Dobrovolskogo avenue
  • 16a Kamanina st.

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