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Main Diplomacy Kuris Manor future pearl of Odessa region


Kuris Manor future pearl of Odessa region

Kuris Manor future pearl of Odessa region

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Restorers are trying to bring a second life into the "pearl of architecture" and turn it into one of the main attractions of the Odessa region!

A little-known castle is located in the Odessa region - it is called Kurisov Manor, although the owners themselves named it Pokrovsky.

Kurisov Manor was built by the soldier Ivan Kuris, under the command of Suvorov, who became famous during the 2nd Turkish War. Ivan built the estate, which he named in honour of the first Orthodox Church on the Turkish side - "Pokrovskoye". Construction lasted about 10 years, and in 1820 the world saw a surprisingly beautiful masterpiece of architecture, which was lucky to belong to one family all the years.

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Kurisov Manor, beginning of the XX century. Photo: www.sergekot.com

Elements of Gothic, Moorish architecture, Turkish minarets. They say that the architect was inspired by the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Crimea.

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Grandson of Ivan Kuris

The architect of the Manor was an outstanding Nikolai Konstantinovich Tolvinsky - the author of many Odessa masterpieces of architecture, including the buildings of the Odessa National Medical University and the new mud bath of the sanatorium "Kuyalnik".

After the October Revolution, the Kurisov manor was looted, the remains of the landowners were thrown out of the family crypt in the field. In Soviet times, the estate was occupied by an agricultural school.

In the summer of 1990, during a thunderstorm, a lightning hit the Palace. Naturally, a fire started. Since then, the palace has been a skeleton without a roof. After the fire, the remains of the palace were considered unsuitable for restoration.

For almost 25 years, the magnificent Kuris Manor has been gradually collapsing. Some residents of Petrovka tried to pull away stones as a building materials. And the ruins have become a popular attraction - tourists from all over Ukraine come here.

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In June 2013, a monument of architecture at an auction was purchased by a deputy of the regional council and businessman Valery Kondratyuk with the goal of restoring it in its original form. The price was over one million hryvnias. However, according to experts, the restoration of the Manor will cost at least three million euros.

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I am sure that when the restoration is complited- Kurisov Manor and Petrovka village in general will become a real tourist pearl of the Odessa region

Valeriy Kondratyk
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And even in the current dilapidated state, the Kuris Manor attracts tourists and, most notably, filmmakers!

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