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Main Diplomacy — Where to find the traditional Ukrainian shirt Vyshyvanka in Odessa: "Nezalezhni" store


Where to find the traditional Ukrainian shirt Vyshyvanka in Odessa: "Nezalezhni" store

05 Feb, 2021
Where to find the traditional Ukrainian shirt Vyshyvanka in Odessa: "Nezalezhni" store

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The history of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka is over a thousand years old. For many centuries, the embroidered shirt was used by Ukrainians in their everyday life, but at the same time, due to different ornaments and colours, it was considered as a talisman, a symbol of health and beauty, as a protection against bad luck, failures and diseases. In the center of Odessa, "Nezalezhni" shop offers the largest selection of embroideries and Ukrainian souvenirs.

Vyshyvanka is no longer an outfit from grandmother's wardrobe, which is taken out as a family heirloom. Modern embroidered Vyshyvanka is beautiful, lightweight and comfortable clothes. For Vyshyvanka a natural materials that are ideal for the summer heat: cotton, linen are mainly used.

Such beautiful embroidered shirts, exclusively of Ukrainian production (clothing factories "Folk-Moda" and "Slobozhanka"), are in the Odessa embroidery store "Nezalezhni" ( Independent).

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We have a specially designed embroidered shirt with Odessa ornament - it is on white cotton, embroidery in three shades of blue. Anchors and steering wheels are embedded in the pattern - this is what is symbolized with our sea city. There are also handmade embroideries, many paired family embroideries, many dresses with embroidery and accessories

Natalia Mazharova, store owner

The store has more than a hundred different embroidered shirts and dresses for girls and women, for boys and men, for every taste and size, occasion and budget. With and without exclusive handmade embroidery, with classic semantic and philosophical modern ornaments. And there are also many Ukrainian souvenirs that you can buy for yourself or give to friends from other countries as a keepsake of Ukraine, and of course, of course, about Odessa.

Most of all they take embroidered shirts with white embroidery over white, with a modern cut and modern colors (on turquoise, peach or milky linen). It is important for Odessans to be fashionable, to wear comfortable embroidered blouses and dresses, and, very importantly, with short sleeves.

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Vyshivanka have always been considered as a talisman against evil spirits. This is our Ukrainian traditional beautiful clothes, and why not flaunt in such a new dress at least several times a year? In general, our new "Nezalezhni" store has the largest selection of embroidered shirts in Odessa.

Natalia Mazharova

For newborn children, the first embroidered shirt was sewn by mothers or grandmothers, reading prayers for the health of the baby. Girls sewed embroidered shirts for their weddings as a dowry.

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30 Grecheskaya (on the corner of Katerynynska)

Working hours: Every day from 10 am to 08 pm

Photos: Nezalezhni Facebook page

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