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Main Business Nicosia (Cyprus) sister city of Odessa


Nicosia (Cyprus) sister city of Odessa

Nicosia (Cyprus) sister city of Odessa

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Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, the most Southern and Eastern member of the EU. Nicosia is not only the capital and center of the island, but is also an economic and cultural centre. Cyprus is the passage from Europe to Middle East, Arab Gulf and North Africa.

Nicosia has a history of more than 6000 years. Therefore, the city has also a great archeological wealth. Tourists who visit Nicosia can experience first hand a natural and extraordinary merge of history and modernity.

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The Venetian City Walls, built in 1576, by the military engineer Giulio Savorgnan to protect the Old City, are the capital’s trademark. Within these Walls there are architectural gems, old churches, monuments, museums, art galleries and artisan workshops. An echo of the past beautifully combined with contemporary urban lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Nicosia reflects also the islands’ modern turbulent history of the Turkish military occupation in 1974, which divided tha city in two zones, a long-standing issue which remains unresolved since then. Notwithstanding this, now there are new ongoing projects in the city center, like the reconstruction of the historical center of Nicosia, aimed to the improvement of living standard in a traditional architectural heritage environment. Nicosia is confirmed a great cultural contributor to Cyprus.

Nicosia and Odessa are twin cities since 1996.

Nicosia Municipal Arts Center Activities

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The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre is running various activities under the movement #stayhome aiming to actively contribute to the creativity of this difficult period we all live in. #μένουμεσπίτι #stayhome #staysafe 

Write it. Pen pals in the Age of Quarantine

NiMAC [The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation] in collaboration with “Γράψε το. / Write it.” revive the handwritten letter correspondence. In this framework NiMAC and “Γράψε το. / Write it.” extend an Open Call for participation in the initiative: “Write it. Pen pals in the Age of Quarantine”.

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The exchange of handwritten letters has historically bridged matters of distance, as well as strengthen human relations. Furthermore, human history has been, amongst other, recorded via handwritten correspondence. People in pandemics, wars and depressions narrate and share their stories and experiences through their handwritten letters.

So, adults are invited to remember the time when they exchanged handwritten letters, as well as the younger ones who want to try this traditional way of communication for the first time, to take part in this original and interesting action.

Open call: Collective Story

Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, announced an open call for a collective project for children and adults. 

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They invited young and “adult” children to contribute to the story “The Tiny Dragon” with a word, a phrase, a paragraph, an idea... 

The story begun when the Dragon, feeling underestimated by the rest of his peers, decidesd to think and act outside the box in order for the rest of the herd to notice him... 

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The Alphabet Around Me

The NiMAC [The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation] Educational Centre for Children created the activity "The Alphabet Around Me" for children. 

Where do we see the alphabet in our house? Write down, search for, find and photograph the letters of the alphabet to make your own "abc" through eight fun steps.

Creative activities: “I stay home and create”

Entitled "Nicosia 2030", this is a painting activity inviting kids to prepare their own drawings of how they imagine their city of Nicosia to be in the year 2030, in relation to the Sustainable Development. Goals 2030 is a programme of the United Nations.

Source: Communications Office of Nicosia Municipality

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