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Main Diplomacy Odessa artist: 5 artworks by Alexander Milov


Odessa artist: 5 artworks by Alexander Milov

Odessa artist: 5 artworks by Alexander Milov

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Alexander Milov - Odessa artist, sculptor, cartoonist, activist, who believes that "growing up is boring".

The art history and city atmosphere is also told through the sculptures and installations, craeted by the hands of the artists. We made a selection of our top 5 favourite artworks made by Alexander Milov.

Love (2015)

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The Burning Man festival in Nevada in 2015 was full of wonderful art, including amazing sculptures on a massive scale. But one sculpture that was a favourite among the thousands of people there was made by Odessa artist and sculptor Alexander Milov. The sculpture called “Love” features two wire frame adult figures, sitting with their backs to one another, while two child figures inside the adults simultaneously reach out to one another.

It demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman as well as the outer and inner expression of human nature. Their inner selves are executed in the form of transparent children, who are holding out their hands through the grating. As it’s getting dark (night falls) the children start to shine. This shining is a symbol of purity and sincerity that brings people together and gives a chance of making up when the dark time arrives

Alexander Milov

The beautiful message send by this artwork isn’t the only reason why it is so important; it was also the first time that a Ukrainian artist received a Burning Man art award!

Today, this sculpture adorns the Odessa square near the "Zvyozdny" cinema theatre.

Listen to the World (2019)

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Listen to the World was installed at the top of Chatswood Mall and opened Vivid Sydney Festival in 2019.

Towering over viewers at six metres tall, the heart shaped sculpture of the world appears to listen to music through giant headphones, here flower power meets technology. Influenced by the 50th anniversary of the original three-day festival of peace and music – Woodstock – the artwork references the idealistic hopes of the 1960s and focuses on social harmony centred around music.

Every year, the Vivid Sydney Festival attracts artists from all over the world. For three weeks they decorate the Australian city with the light and installations, transforming it into a nightclub.

After Sydney it will decorate the platform in front of the shopping center in the suburbs of Odessa Fontanka.

I am inspired by regular stories of regular people: their routines, feelings, hopes and dreams. I hope to bring awareness to viewers of the beauty and transience of human life against the background of the eternal rebirth of nature.

Alexander Milov

Heaven's Door (2017)

odessajournal 2

In Odessa, on the roof of the Stalkanat plant, a huge figure of a creature appeared in the lotus pose with a smartphone in his hands, which they have already nicknamed Archangel Michael.

"Heaven's Door" is a 33-meter sculpture with wings, welded from metal pipes, which will also have a certain functional purpose. At the same time, the Archangel demonstrates his strength: he sits with a sword, he is busy but calm.

The presence of wings and a halo indicates that he is a supernatural being. And the media have already nicknamed him Archangel Michael, although this version of interpretation is possible, since we opened the sculpture on November 21, and this is the Archangel Michael Day.

Alexander Milov
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Why a smart phone and why "Heaven's Door"? In fact, most of the population is preparing for this path right now, simply freezing in front of the phone screens, as in front of the light at the end of a tunnel. And I do not see anything wrong with this, this is a kind of meditative state of doing nothing.

odessajournal 4

Robot KB-1 (2011)

odessajournal 5

Robot KB-1 TIS near Port Yuzhny, Odessa region is called by locals "Iron Man". The height of the robot is 10 meters, weight - about 15 tons and in its construction used 40 parts of scrap-metal. The hands of Robot KB-1 TIS are made of two cabins of ZIL vehicles and the head of USSR bus PAZ 672. The robot arm keep 13-meter rod with a huge flag of Ukraine.

The idea of creation of Robot KB-1 TIS was given by the owner of company "TIS" Andrey Stavnitser. After inspecting the huge amount of scrap-metal accumulated on territory of TIS and tapped financial issues sculptors Alexander Milov and Alexander Boyko decided to take up the robot construction. On creation of Robot KB-1 TIS worked about 30 people: sculptor Alexander Milov, his chief assistant Alexander Boyko, two welders, two persons in design office, two electrics, three crane operators, two drivers of long-length trucks, two crane drivers, five persons in management structures and ten persons who prepared the foundation.

It took almost three months to cut the old metal into pieces, and then practice using cranes to lay out the parts in the right order. After installation and painting, the robot starred in the film by Alexei German Jr. "Under the Electric Clouds". Now, this transformer is known not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad.

Since 2014 the flag of Ukraine has been placed in the hands of the robot. And now it is difficult to imagine this metal sculpture without the main state symbol that flutters over the coast of the Adjalyk estuary.

Robot KB-1 TIS even has an observation deck on the top level.

odessajournal 6

Family (2020)

odessajournal 7

The monumental polyptych "Family" was completed to be installed in the Fontanka at the territory next to the residential complex on Fontanka in the suburbs of Odessa. The average height of each figure is 10 meters, the average weight of each is 1000 kg.

The profiles and character of real members of his family became the basis for the shape of the sculptures.

The philosophy is simple - the Father looks in the sky, the Mother watching the earth, and the children's angles are like a compromise between the views of their parents. The colours are also not accidental - an aquamarine Mother between green foliage and sea water - as the basis of life, a father between light blue and blue - as an aspiration to the sky, as well as a symbolism of ups and downs, an orange Son - like summer and the sun, a symbol of future prosperity, and Daughter - magenta, artificial colour, without which printed pictures do not convey real color - like a balance between knowledge and nature.

Alexander Milov
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