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Andrey Piontkovsky explained Girkin's "phenomenon"

17 Sep, 2022
Andrey Piontkovsky explained Girkin's "phenomenon"

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Criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin because of the unleashed war against Ukraine is supported in the Kremlin.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian publicist Andrey Piontkovsky.

“All the most visible criticism of Putin comes from the ultra-fascist so-called party. These people criticize Putin for being an insufficient fascist, not ready to use nuclear weapons, not declaring mobilization, and so on. This group is not very popular with society, but they are heard because their voices are supported by a part of the top, certain towers of the Kremlin," he said.

At the same time, Piontkovsky ranked the terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin among them:

"Girkin has not yet been arrested, although he called for Putin to be hanged in his last streams."

Igor Strelkov-Girkin

As for the general situation in the Russian Federation, the publicist said that he did not believe in official sociology and voiced his "working view":

"It seems to me that 15% of Russian society are really principled opponents of the war, about 10% adhere to ultra-fascist views and criticize. This is 25% … The remaining 75% is the silent majority. Well, which is generally indifferent to both the war and Putin" .

"This is not the best sociological layout for Putin, on the contrary, it is very disturbing for him, and with each new defeat in the war, his position within the government is weakened," Piontkovsky added.

He also expressed confidence that Putin would not announce mobilization in Russia:

“Putin is not just against mobilization; he is desperately afraid of it for two reasons. Firstly, he understands that it will fail. They (the Russians) will sabotage … Secondly, Putin understands that mobilization will partially fail, but for someone they will have time to hand out weapons… The children of the destitute will come… And it is very dangerous to give weapons to these people."

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The Odessa Journal

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