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"Republic of Roses"

10 May, 2021
"Republic of Roses"

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In the Odessa region there is a very beautiful valley of roses, which attracts the attention of tourists not only from Ukraine, but also from neighbouring States. The place is visited annually by a huge number of flower lovers, as well as those who just want to enjoy the beauty of huge plantations of mysterious meadows, completely covered with fresh flowers. In a way, the "Republic of Roses" has become the main attraction of the region of Ukraine as a whole.

Many people call the location a real flower paradise, which is guarded by an ordinary person, infinitely in love with his work.

"The Land of Free Roses", "The Pink Republic" is the name of the village of Troyandovoye (Kirovo) of the Liman District, because the roses has played an important role in the life of its citizens for many years. The appearance of rose plantations is associated with the name of Nikolay Gromlyuk - a farmer, breeder of ornamental plants, a man who turned everything around into blooming fields and gardens. More than 500 varieties of roses grew on his plantation, some he bred with his own hands.

Nikolay Gromlyuk was fond of gardening since school, but he received a technical education at the Izmail Agricultural College. In the village of Kirovo, Kominternovsky district, he was sent as a mechanic.

Once during a business trip to Moscow, Gromlyuk got to an exhibition of gladioli and bought bulbs for an amount equal to two monthly salaries. When they bloomed, the whole village gathered to look at them. This event turned out to be very profitable. So floriculture became the work of Nikolai Gromlyuk's whole life. The director of the poultry farm offered Gromlyuk the position of an agronomist-gardener. The new position opened up great opportunities for him to acquire new varieties.

Rose is the queen of flowers ... my father brought up a whole galaxy of oculators, showed what is done and how.

Vladimir Gromlyuk, son of Nikolai Gromlyuk, agronomist, collector of roses in the second generation.

It was under his leadership that over 500 unique varieties of roses were grown. There are 12 varieties of rare plants in his collection. He considers amazing blue roses to be his real pride. In addition, thousands of seedlings appear here, which summer residents, owners of private houses, buy and take to their plots every spring.

Gromlyuk was the first in Kirovsky, and today in the Troyandovsky village council, who began to engage in charity, donating to the needs of the community the money he earned from selling roses. Today such a business is called socially responsible.

Nikolai Gromlyuk instilled in fellow villagers not only the culture of agriculture, but also discovered the beauty and diversity of our world.

Previously, there were difficulties in acquiring a new variety. Father followed to Kyiv, Moscow, Chisinau. My father had 500 varieties, I now have 700, and maybe even more.

Vladimir Gromlyuk
Photo: Liman News Agency

Arriving at the farm, the visitor begins to feel this magical floral scent, which is difficult to compare with anything else. People come here to enjoy the variety of colors, to be in harmony with nature and get vivid impressions of the picture they see. Flowers on the farm are pleasing to the eye from early spring to late autumn. The brightest period is May and June. It is important to understand that in addition to flowers, rare, unique plants are bred and sold here. We are talking about barberry, boxwood, thuja, paradise juniper, bird cherry, sugar maple peach, birch, grafted cherries, almonds, spruce, Spanish dock, etc. This list is increasing every year.

The location is popular with a significant number of tourists. For them, sightseeing, educational excursions are held, during which they offer tasting of jams, medicinal liqueurs and rose liqueur. It should be added that culinary masterpieces are prepared from fresh, fragrant varieties of plants according to special recipes, many of which were developed by the owner of the plantation. Currently, the "Republic of Roses" is headed by the son of Nikolai Gromlyuk, who perceives his father's brainchild exclusively as a business.

The founder of the farm has been awarded several honorary titles and awards. His works can be found in almost every courtyard of the village where he lives. Nikolai Vasilyevich was happy to share his knowledge not only with his own children and grandchildren, but also with everyone who wanted to learn something new from the world of wonderful plants of the “Republic of Roses”. The farmer regularly transferred part of his profits to the account of the local school, as well as to finance the construction of a temple in his native village.

The location will definitely appeal to lovers of rural nature, flowers and unique plants. Tourist groups regularly arrive at the Republic of Roses to learn a lot of useful and interesting information. Guests are offered a walk through the plantations, as well as the opportunity to purchase seedlings at attractive prices.

The farm is located in the village of Troyandovo (Kirovo), Limansky district of Odessa region, on Rozovaya street, 12. You can get to it by suburban buses, fixed-route taxis or your own car. There are information signs with the emblem of roses on the way to the valley.

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