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Main War — Reznikov about "Ramstein-4": new obligations of partners concern land, sea and sky


Reznikov about "Ramstein-4": new obligations of partners concern land, sea and sky

20 Jul, 2022
Reznikov about "Ramstein-4": new obligations of partners concern land, sea and sky

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Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about the results of the meeting of the Contact Group on Defense Support to Ukraine (Ramstein-4). In particular, he confirmed the transfer of four more HIMARS systems to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This is stated in the Minister's Facebook post.

At the same time, the head of the Defense Ministry did not go into the details of these agreements.

"We keep the intrigue regarding the lion's share of existing and new aid packages, which include the supply of weapons, ammunition, training of our soldiers and much more. First, they will be felt by the enemy on the battlefield," the minister said.

He called a positive signal of the meeting "new commitments of partners that concern land, sea and sky."

Reznikov confirmed that Ukraine would receive an additional four MLRS. Instead, based on the database and assessments of Ukraine's partners, the results of the battlefield battles were demonstrated, primarily the losses of the Russian Federation in general.

According to the minister, Ukraine now has three priorities. This is a strengthening of the mission-oriented approach: "We ask colleagues to concentrate their efforts on increasing the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out specific missions. One is to unblock our ports and ensure security in the western part of the Black Sea. Everyone has seen the first results in the form of the liberation of Snake Island. This work continues. New "goodwill gestures" from the occupiers are not ruled out."

Secondly, it is time to systematize the maintenance and repair of foreign equipment that Ukraine receives.

"This is a large-scale task since we are already talking about hundreds of units. We need coordination of many countries in the legal, financial, organizational plane and at the level of production capacities," the minister said.

Thirdly, Reznikov noted, that the Defense Ministry is intensifying efforts to ensure transparency in the accounting and use of international military assistance. In particular, the process of introducing the "NATO" LOGFAS programme will be accelerated.

Reznikov added that the partners, in turn, "bluntly stated that there is no 'weariness' from the war in Ukraine and there will not be. There is an understanding that it is not Ukraine at stake, but the security of all of Europe."

“Second, it was emphasized several times that time is very important. I emphasized this in my speech, but this thesis is already on the agenda of those who support us. We do our best to put it into practice. Thirdly, many partners are ready to train our warriors. This is an opportunity to get a high-quality reserve, which Western weapons and equipment will master. And it will create conditions for increasing the volume of support," Reznikov shared the details of his speech.

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is convinced that the war has reached a critical moment, but Russia has miscalculated that it will last longer than Ukraine on the battlefield.

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