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Main War — 7th Day of War. Chronicles


7th Day of War. Chronicles

03 Mar, 2022
7th Day of War. Chronicles

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By Dumskaya

Photo: the city of Bashtanka in the Mykolaiv region

UPDATED AT 23:32. Information about the talks in Belovezhskaya Pushcha does not correspond to reality. There will indeed be negotiations, but the place is different, said a member of the Ukrainian delegation, People's Deputy David Arakhamia.

UPDATED AT 23:15. In the south of Ukraine, an operation continues to destroy a group of Russian troops that entered the territory of Ukraine from Crimea.

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UPDATED AT 23:07. Data on the crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine were submitted to the International Criminal Court by 38 countries - the head of the British Foreign Office.

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UPDATED AT 22:57. A citizen of the Republic of Bangladesh was killed as a result of a rocket attack on the ship Banglar Samriddhi (the flag of Bangladesh), standing in the port of Mykolaiv. This information was confirmed in the port of Olbia.

UPDATED AT 22:03. The special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warn the occupiers that after the inhuman shelling of residential areas of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy, Kherson and other cities, they will not take enemy artillerymen, prisoner.

“From now on, there will be no more captured Russian artillerymen. No mercy, no “please don’t kill, I surrender” will not pass,” the MTR soldiers promised.

UPDATED AT 21:27. Russian fascists fired a rocket at the South Railway Station in Kyiv, Ukrzaliznytsia reports. At this station, women and children are being evacuated from the capital.

Information about the victims is being specified. Train traffic has not been disrupted.

UPDATED AT 21:17. The SBU has published a new video of the interrogation of the captured occupier. This is a 36-year-old secretary. A typical story: I was at the exercises, they picked me up at dawn and drove to Ukraine

UPDATED AT 21:08. Ukrainian soldiers seized secret documents of the enemy battalion-tactical group, which was formed from the 810th Separate Guards Marine Brigade.

These documents are interesting in that they reveal the ciphers on the enemy's radio frequencies, the list of BTG personnel, and the timing of the operation in Ukraine. The invaders expected that their "operation" would end on March 6.

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UPDATED AT 20:28. The results of today's enemy shelling of the village of Borodyanka in the Kyiv region.

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UPDATED AT 19:53. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said: our paratroopers have recaptured the city of Makarov, west of Kyiv, from the enemy.

This creates a threat of encirclement and defeat of the unfinished invaders in Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel on the capital's outskirts.

UPDATED AT 19:46. Germany donated 1,000 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank grenade launchers and 500 Stingers to Ukraine.

UPDATED AT 19:28. The Krutovskaya united territorial community in the Chernihiv region reports: on March 1, with a difference of 104 years, the second battle took place near Kruty. The Ukrainians again defended their territory from the Moscow invaders, and this time they ultimately defeated them.

More than 200 Russian occupiers were killed. Their bodies were collected for a long time across the field and taken away in two KAMAZ trucks towards the Sumy region.

UPDATED AT 19:25. The Ukrainian Navy reports that an enemy ship fired a missile at the Banglar Samriddhi merchant ship flying the flag of Bangladesh, which is docked in the port of Olbia in the Mykolaiv region. The ship caught fire after the explosion. According to preliminary information, no one was hurt.

Since the beginning of the aggression, the Russians have already fired on two peaceful ships and captured two more.

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UPDATED AT 19:21. The second round of negotiations between the Ukrainian delegation and representatives of the aggressor country will be held in the Belarusian Belovezhskaya Pushcha. On December 8, 1991, an agreement was signed on the collapse of the USSR. The Russian delegation arrived there first, and our representatives had just arrived. The composition of the negotiators remained the same, and they will start talking tomorrow.

UPDATED AT 15:25. The State Emergency Service reported that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the invaders had killed more than two thousand civilians of Ukraine.

UPDATED AT 14:56. New photos of the column broken yesterday in the city of Bashtanka in the Mykolaiv region.

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UPDATED AT 14:51. In Severodonetsk, the Nazis bombed a kindergarten near Central Avenue, 61. Two employees and eight children were hiding in the basement. Rescuers clear rubble to get to them

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UPDATED AT 14:40. In the Mykolaiv region near the city of Novy Bug, a lost Russian soldier came out to the locals. He was taken prisoner, after which he was given tea and fed by local residents. They also called his mother and said that everything was fine with their son.

UPDATED AT 14:06. The second round of negotiations between the Ukrainian delegation and representatives of the aggressor country will be held tonight in Belarus. Advisor stated this to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich.

UPDATED AT 14:04. In Kharkiv, a cruise missile hit the city council building.

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UPDATED AT 13:58. In the vicinity of Nikolaev, Russian paratroopers began to be captured, who "famously" flew there in the morning by helicopter. A participant in the defense, city council deputy Roman Kostenko brought several prisoners to the city center, put them on their knees at the monument to the Olsha heroes, and gave a lecture on who is really a fascist and who defends his people from the enemy invasion.

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UPDATED AT 13:54. The European Union has cut off eight Russian banks from SWIFT: VTB, Rossiya, and Otkritie, as well as Novikombank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, and VEB.

UPDATED AT 13:42. Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich held a briefing on the operational situation on March 2.

He said that the enemy had practically not been able to advance in any direction over the past day.

Northwest of Kyiv, our aviation and artillery defeated several more enemy columns. The advance to the capital is stopped, the enemy is regrouping and pulling up reserves.

In the Chernihiv and Sumy regions, the invasion was stopped. Enemy support columns are destroyed by local defense and partisan detachments.

Kharkiv, according to Arestovich, has become the "Stalingrad of the 21st century." The spirit and will of the city do not break under enemy shelling of residential areas.

On the city's outskirts, the Russians are suffering "terrible losses." There, the defenders of Kharkiv not only hold their positions but also go on the counterattack. Yesterday, our motorized infantry defeated the 200th Russian brigade in such a battle.

The situation in the JFO zone is under control. Most of the positions are held, moreover, our paratroopers went on the offensive and occupied the outskirts of Gorlovka, a city in the Donetsk region, which has been occupied since 2014.

The enemy stands on the outskirts of Mariupol, and the defenders of the city are preparing a worthy answer for him.

Arestovich urged not to believe in rumors that Kherson fell. According to him, the city is only partially occupied by the Russians, street fighting continues.

Yesterday, the invaders tried to break through to the city of Bashtanka in the Mykolaiv region and fell under a devastating missile and bomb attack by our aircraft. Hundreds of units of enemy equipment were burned.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, the enemy stopped at the entrance to Energodar. Local residents held talks with the invaders and reported the threat of fighting, since there is a nuclear power plant in the city. The city is not occupied by the Russians; negotiations continue. Arestovich noted that the Russian army in Ukraine is now experiencing a severe moral breakdown. Soldiers massively drop their weapons and surrender or retreat to their border.

According to him, the Russian Federation is already collecting any reserves to throw them into Ukraine. Including, the cadets of the Serpukhov military school were dragged to the war.

There is no exact information about the entry of Belarusian troops into the war yet. The information received is checked.

The use of Iskander missiles in Ukrainian cities, the representative of the Presidential Office, connects with the fact that the Russians simply ran out of Kalibr.

UPDATED AT 13:00. The trophies of the N-th brigade in a collision with the Russians were two tanks, two armored personnel carriers and three trucks, with ammunition. According to the Ground Forces, the retreat of the Russians had a panic character since the equipment does not have any combat damage.

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UPDATED AT 13:00. In Lisichansk, Luhansk region, the invaders shelled the TV tower.

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UPDATED AT 12:46 PM. Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Jacob Doch Bleich appealed to all the Jews of Russia and citizens of the Russian Federation of all other faiths, with an appeal to stop the war.

He says that his ancestors lived in Russia and, together with the Russians in partisan detachments, destroyed the Nazis. What the Russian leadership is doing now is insane. The rabbi is in Kyiv and is saving people under the bombardment. He considers the Russian invasion great grief and shame for the aggressor country.

UPDATED AT 12:33 PM. The mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, said that the city was ready to fight the occupiers - "Odessians will defend every quarter."

UPDATED AT 12:29 PM. The SBU detained an enemy fire spotter in Ivano-Frankivsk. On February 22, he checked into one of the hostels, and the next day he handed over to the Russians the coordinates of a military facility to strike with Kalibrs. As a result of the shelling, the airfield's infrastructure was destroyed.

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UPDATED AT 11:28. Odessans noticed a Russian warship on the horizon. The city's defenders monitor his movement and reassure him that this is not a rocket ship or even a landing board. This is a guard, not armed with shock systems. In a word, the Russians are trying to frighten us.

It should be noted that the missile strikes that have been inflicted on Odessa since the first day of the war are carried out from Russian ships. But the missile's flight range allows them to fire from the open sea without approaching our shores.

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UPDATED AT 10:44. The new head of the Odessa military-civil administration instead of Sergei Grinevetsky was Colonel Maxim Marchenko, the former commander of the mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign. President Volodymyr Zelensky signed the corresponding decree.

UPDATED AT 10:37. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports: Russian warships continue piracy in the Black Sea.

They ordered the civilian vessel HELT to enter the dangerous zone of the water area to hide behind it as a "human shield". Otherwise, the invaders threaten to open fire.

UPDATED AT 10:21. The invaders landed troops from helicopters near the village of Balovnoye near Mykolaiv.

The governor of the Mykolaiv area Vitaly Kim asks citizens not to go out for safety reasons.

UPDATED AT 10:05. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported new data on enemy losses.

From February 24 to March 2, the Russians lost 5,840 soldiers and officers in Ukraine.

UPDATED AT 10:00. Defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said that a new Bayraktar TB2 attack drones arrived in Ukraine. They are already in service and are being used against the Russian occupiers. New Javelins and Stingers are expected shortly.

The Minister of Defense noted that the Russian offensive had practically stopped. The enemy was exhausted and suffered huge losses. The invaders realized that they could not resist the Ukrainian army, so they switched to vile shelling residential areas of peaceful cities.

UPDATED AT 09:45. Journalist Yuriy Butusov reports that near Kharkiv, one mechanized battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, armed with BMP-2 and one Javelin, defeated two enemy battalion-tactical groups from the 200th separate motorized rifle brigade of the RF Armed Forces (Murmansk region).

Trophies for the Ukrainian soldiers were six newest Russian tanks T-80BVM, which the invaders abandoned.

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UPDATED AT 09:42. According to the State Emergency Service, the buildings of the SBU in the Kharkiv region, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kharkiv region, the sociological faculty of the Kharkiv National University named after I. Karazin.

Three people were injured, but the information is specified, and the number of victims may be higher. 90 rescuers and 21 vehicles are working at the site.

UPDATED AT 09:39. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a morning address to compatriots. He stressed that the war united Ukrainians and rallied our people.

UPDATED AT 08:57. Russian terrorists launched a missile attack on the building of the regional police department in Kharkiv. The roof of the regional administration residential buildings are on fire, there is a threat of the spread of fire.

Rescuers are on the scene. The number of victims and destruction is being specified.

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UPDATED AT 08:26. The invaders shot two more civilians, the press service of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration reports.

According to the head of the Primorskaya UTC, the militants shot at the car at the checkpoint. Two men died. They did not comply with the "order" of the terrorists.

UPDATED AT 08:11. A powerful explosion thundered in Kharkiv.

UPDATED AT 08:09. After enemy air strikes on Zhytomyr, as of 07:00, the State Emergency Service confirms the death of two people, 16 were injured.

12 people were rescued, including 6 children, whom rescuers got from the basements of dilapidated private houses. Rescue work continues.

UPDATED AT 02:35. In the Sumy region, the Ukrainian army destroyed about 200 units of enemy equipment. As a result of the work of Bayraktar in the Romensky district near the village. Pustovoitovka destroyed 80 units of military equipment of the invaders, of which about half were the Grad MLRS.

UPDATED AT 01:58. Belarusian troops are put on alert and are located in the areas of concentration as close as possible to the state border of Ukraine. According to intelligence data, the significant activity of aviation equipment was recorded during the current day, the General Staff reports.

UPDATED AT 01:15. Ten private residential buildings were damaged as a result of airstrikes by the Russian occupying forces in Zhytomyr. According to preliminary information, two people died, and three were injured. There are people under the rubble.

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UPDATED AT 00:59. During the first five days of the war, from February 24 to February 28, the invaders lost more soldiers in Ukraine than in less than two years of the First Chechen War.

The chief of staff of the 36th Army (Ulan-Ude) of the Eastern Military District was wounded, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said.

In the Seversky operational area, the commander of the eleventh separate airborne assault brigade (Ulan-Ude) of the Airborne Forces of the RF Armed Forces died (according to other sources, he was wounded).

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The Odessa Journal

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