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The "Sunset" rooftop bar

13 Jul, 2020
The "Sunset" rooftop bar

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Some details about the "Brick" hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant.

"Brick" is a hotel complex in Odessa, which combines a hotel, restaurant and rooftop bar. The complex began to work in July on Mayakovsky Lane near the city garden.

The complex was named after Lily Brick, the founder of the famous literary art salon in St. Petersburg in the beginning of XX century and a partner of the Russian writer Vladimir Mayakovsky, who named her the "muse of the Russian avant-garde."

Lily Brick, 1925, advertising poster

Architect Ino Getiashivili (Getino Design) was responsible for the project. For the restaurant and rooftop bar - Balbek Bureau by architect Slava Balbek.

On the ground floor there is a "Brick" restaurant starts at 07:00 and is open until 02:00. Israeli chef Aleksey Krakovsky (Adelle, Liberty Diner) is in charge of the restaurant as the brand chef. The restaurant has 80 seats, as well as a large technical area. They also took care of a large bar and coffee area. Using the La Marzocco Strada espresso machine, serving the Italian roaster Gardelli Specialty Coffees. The coffee area is open until 18:00, later you can only order a filter and cold brew.

On the fifth floor there is a seasonal open-air bar "Sunset".

It is an open space, with a small canopy over the bar area and 35 seats. All the cocktails were named after the heroes according to the legend of the complex, stylized as postcards that guests can take. One price was set for all cocktails - 220 hryvnias.

Andriy Khmilyar and Kostiantyn Byshlyaha were responsible for the design and idea of ​​the cocktail menu. Stepan Tsutsman (Zabarom) was responsible for the technology of the "Sunset" bar, as well as the restaurant on the ground floor.

"Lily? Osip" - 220 hryvnias
"One for two" - 220 UAH
"Myself" - 220 hryvnias
"Night" - 220 hryvnias
"Immigrant" - 220 UAH
"1915" - 220 hryvnias
"The young lady and the bully" - 220 UAH

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