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Vernadsky Research Base finds

20 Apr, 2020
Vernadsky Research Base finds

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Ukrainian researchers from the Antarctic Vernadsky Research Base found previously unknown species of hydrobionts.

For the first time in the area of ​​UAC "Academician Vernadsky" samples of deep-water hydrobionts in Penol Strait from a depth of 280 m were selected.

New species found for the list of Antarctic marine fauna, in which we can find the representatives of foraminifera, sponges, polyps, anemones, polychaetes, molluscs, marine spiders, stars and hedgehogs, ofifs and ascidians. All this became real thanks to a deep mesh designed and constructed by Anton Omelchenko

At this stage, unique deep-sea Antarctic marine animals are being identified!

Antarctic station "Aсademician Vernadsky" was opened in February 1996, when the British Antarctic Society gave Ukraine the station "Faraday".

Scientific base on Argentine Islands near the Antarctic Peninsula was founded during the British expedition to Graham Land in 1934-1937 years. In 1947, the British decided to establish a full-round weather station. The project envisaged the base station on the basis of the first building on the island of Winter. However, when the expedition landed at the end of January on this island, they could not find any building. Only later on the opposite shore of the strait the remains of wooden structures were founded, suggesting that the building was demolished a giant wave. In this regard, the first wintering party was forced to build an improvised house for themselves on their own. The station was named base F, and was designed for wintering 4-6 persons.

The British passed the station with the equipment, among which the polar relic – the spectrophotometer Dobson - a device for measuring ozone, whereby in 80s was discovered the ozone hole over Antarctica. Ukrainian explorers raised blue and yellow flag station on February 6, 1996. The station was named "Academician Vernadsky".

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