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Main Culture — Ukrainian cinema at the cost of a good cup of coffee


Ukrainian cinema at the cost of a good cup of coffee

05 Jan, 2021
Ukrainian cinema at the cost of a good cup of coffee

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Takflix is an online platform where you can legally watch new Ukrainian cinema. Takflix started operating on December 31, 2019.

Most of the films at Takflix are available anywhere on the planet where broadband internet is offered. They offer Ukrainian films with English subtitles.

Why such a name? On the one hand, this is a kind of allusion to the American streaming service Netflix. But at the same time, as the founders themselves say, this is a "yes" answer to Ukrainian cinema, Ukrainian audiences and online distribution. And also it is about optimism, positive mood and new Ukrainian opportunities.

To watch the movie, you need to buy an electronic ticket for the price, as the founders themselves say, a good cup of coffee: 50-75 UAH. It is important that 50% of the profits from ticket sales will go to the filmmakers. From the moment of payment it will be possible to get access to the film for 3 days (72 hours) from anywhere in the world.

The founder of the project, Nadiya Parfan, says that over the past five years, more than a dozen films have appeared in Ukraine that can be proud of and that should be shown to a wider audience.

These films travel to prestigious festivals, win awards and increasingly evoke not only the emotions of the audience, but also the business interest of sales agents, distributors around the world. Nevertheless, Ukrainian audiences do not always have access to new Ukrainian cinema. In cinemas, it is placed for a very limited period of time or at inconvenient hours, and on large online platforms, it is lost in the shadow of commercial content. Fortunately, modern technology provides new opportunities for film distribution. It's time to take advantage of this

Nadiya Parfan


odessajournal 0

Director: Oleksandr Techinsykiy
Year: 2017
Duration: 81 min
Original language: Rus
Subtitles: Eng

At the intersection of the Wild East and the Civilized West, the Danube Delta residents make their living by hard work – mowing the reeds in winter, but all as one dream of a fantastic catch – the legendary Beluga, worth a fortune. With dreams instead of plans and water instead of the earth under their feet, they rejoice every moment of their lives.


odessajournal 1

Director: Anatoliy Mateshko
Musical, comedy
Year: 2014
Duration: 85 min
Original language: Ukr
Subtitles: Eng

Kolya Shevchenko plays the trumpet in the Berezil children's pop and brass band, which is preparing to participate in the extremely important competition for the mayor's prize. The main condition of the competition is not easy - one of the program numbers must be the author's melody. The gifted Kolya writes the touching "Tramp", but the unexpected happens - the founder and permanent leader of "Brezil" ends up in the hospital. Will the orchestra be able to win, despite the cunning plan of the new conductor?


odessajournal 2

Director: Nadia Parfan
Tragicomedy, musical
Year: 2019
Duration: 63 min
Original language: Ukr
Subtitles: Eng, Pol, Fr

For many years, Ivan Vasyliovych has been the trade union leader at Ivano-Frankivsk TeploKomunEnergo, a municipal heating company in western Ukraine. His magnum opus is the trade union choir for mechanics, repairmen, dispatchers, book-keepers and other employees. Is it possible to warm up customer's cold radiators with the power of Ukrainian folk song?


odessajournal 3

Director: Marina Roschina
Year: 2018
Duration: 27 min
Original language: Ukr
Subtitles: Eng

Kate is a young lonely mother. She falls in love with a fellow but does not have the courage to tell him that she has a son. As their relationship develops rapidly the revelation becomes more complicated. The choice between her personal life and responsibility for her son arises.


odessajournal 4

Director: Kate Voznytsya
Year: 2018
Duration: 6 min
Original language: Ukr
Subtitles: Eng

Adventures of a disoriented subject under the chaotic decommunization. An instant of toposonic confusion when habitude is broken. The film was inspired by the official renaming of Petrivka metro station. The name, which derived from the surname of the Soviet communist Petrovsky was replaced with an ancient hydronym Pochaina. The renaming led to re-recording of all Kyiv metro announcements with a new voice, while the old one had gone for good.


odessajournal 5

Director: Simon Mozgovyi
Year: 2018
Duration: 74 min
Original language: Rus, Ukr
Subtitles: Eng, Ukr

For the last 45 years, Mrs. Valentina Voronina has been the steward of the floriculture pavilion in the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR. With a motley crew of four-legged companions, Voronina has devoted her life to tending plants and mending structures, making the most of seemingly insufficient resources to keep the declining greenhouse alive and standing. But times are changing, and she has been asked to step down and leave the facility of which she’s been the epicenter.


odessajournal 6

Director: Korniy Grytsiuk
Year: 2020
Duration: 72 min
Original language: Rus, Ukr
Subtitles: Ukr, Rus, Eng

Only 12 hours away from peaceful Kyiv is Kostyantynivka, a small industrial city in the eastern part of the country, immediately after which the front begins. This entire time people with different characters, social status, political views and beliefs are traveling on the train side by side. They talk, debate, even quarrel, but speak to each other and go in common direction. And what`s important, they all want to get to peace.


odessajournal 7

Director: Volodymyr Tykhy
Mystics, drama
Year: 2017
Duration: 107 min
Original language: Ukr
Subtitles: Eng

Grandma Prisja, her daughter Slava and grandson Vovtshyk live their everyday life in a godforsaken forbidden zone of Chernobyl where there are only wild beasts, rusalkas and stalkers. A world where people know what really happened in 1986 and why the situation in Ukraine is the way it is. At least Prisja – she is over 80 – knows.


odessajournal 8

Director: Alina Gorlova
Year: 2018
Duration: 64 min
Original language: Ukr, Rus
Subtitles: Ukr, Eng

Alina Gorlova is a director of documentaries and feature films, a director of editing. In 2016, she presented her feature-length documentary “Cold Yar. Intro" at the Odessa International Film Festival and "Artdokfest".

What is left backstage from the heroic videos of our warriors in Ukraine? This is the story of a woman who returns from war. Talking to psychologists, battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to normal life.


odessajournal 9

Director: Ostap Kostyuk
Year: 2016
Duration: 77 min
Original language: Ukr
Subtitles: Ukr, Eng

Three men of different generations live in the Ukrainian Carpathians: 82-year-old Ivan spends his old age alone, recently burying his wife and preparing for the funeral himself. At a time when 10-year-old Ivanko starts life from scratch at a boarding school in the district center, and 39-year-old Vasily manages an animal farm and feeds young sheep. But spring will come and all three will climb the mountains following the shepherd vocation, which is increasingly difficult to continue in today's world.


odessajournal 10

Director: Іvan Orlenko
Year: 2018
Duration: 19 min
Original language: Yiddish
Subtitles: Ukr, Eng

The film is based on Franz Kafka's unfinished story In unserer Synagoge. The guy is trying to find out what happened at the old local synagogue. Obsessed, he pursues something still unprecedented and pays no attention to what is happening around him.


odessajournal 11

Director: Igor Minaiev
Year: 2018
Duration: 61 min
Original language: Ukr, Rus
Subtitles: Eng, Fr

A contemplative film whose idea is to explore the creation of the myth about the Donbas by using archive footage from documentary and feature films. Once life promised to become a symphony of work, joy and welfare, but turned out to be a delusion and a manipulation. Now there are no illusions left. The symphony of the Donbas has turned into a cacophony of the Donbas.


odessajournal 12

Director: Holly Morris, Anne Bogart
Year: 2015
Duration: 70 min
Original language: Ukr, Rus
Subtitles: Ukr, Eng

For nearly 30 years a community of unlikely heroines have lived in Chernobyl's post-nuclear disaster "dead zone." Stylish and stubborn, these fascinating women have survived, and even thrived, on some of the most toxic land on Earth. They are the last survivors of a community who refused to leave their ancestral homes after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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