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Main Diplomacy — Ukrainian ultras will help the families of football fans killed in the war


Ukrainian ultras will help the families of football fans killed in the war

29 Aug, 2022
Ukrainian ultras will help the families of football fans killed in the war

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In Ukraine, a charity fund "Heroes' Tribune" was created, providing financial support to the families of football fans from all over Ukraine who died in the war. There are already 97 such families. This is stated on the official page of the fund.

"We collect information about the dead from representatives of all fanatical movements of Ukraine, create a database, collect family contacts, verify data and send financial aid. There are state programs of financial support for the victims' families, but many fans fight in volunteer units and are often not officially registered," the foundation notes.

With the beginning of a full-scale war, representatives of the fanatical movement joined the defense of Ukraine in the hottest spots.

"Many boys from all over Ukraine have already died. The unit commanders always note the desperation and courage of the fallen fans. They were the main breadwinners for their families. The dead left their parents, wives, and children without their care, for whom they were the main heroes long before the war," the organizers of the fund emphasized.

For the entire movement, one of the main values ​​has always been brotherhood and mutual assistance. Therefore, the fans take responsibility for supporting the families of their brothers. The fund was created exclusively by football fans.

"It is our duty as fans, as Ukrainians, to take care of the families of our compatriots, who will now forever stand on the Heroes' Tribune. For us, loyalty and mutual support are the main principles. Therefore, without hesitation, we set ourselves the difficult task of providing financial support to the victims' families. Ideally, we see a format of monthly payments over the coming years. I am sure that in this way and only together, we will be able to provide decent care to the loved ones of our heroes," said Tikhon Amosov, the initiator of the "Tribune of Heroes", a veteran of the Ukrainian fan scene, and a representative of the Metalist (Kharkiv) movement.

It is noted that Ukrainian and foreign fan movements, Ukrainian football players and football clubs, sports and show business stars, sports journalists, businesses, and all those who care are involved in the initiative. The Ukrainian Premier League and many famous journalists, athletes, and cultural and public figures have already joined in support. Among them are Serhii Zhadan, Oleg Luzhny, Myron Markevich, Volodymyr Yezerskyi, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Denys Berinchyk, Oleg "Fagot" Mykhailiuta, Oleksandr "Fozzi" Sydorenko, Oleksandr Denisov, Ihor Tsyganyk, Viktor Vatsko.

"I am convinced that the football community will join the initiative to create the "Tribune of Heroes" fund to support the families of fans who died in the battles for the independence of Ukraine. The guys gave the most valuable things so that we could live in our country. The fans, who were at odds with each other before, united for our victory," said Taras Stepanenko, a player of the national team of Ukraine.

"Football people have known for many years the devotion of the most active fans to their clubs and Ukraine. We heard your support well during the matches. With the start of the war, the whole country learned about the patriotism and heroism of football fans. There were noticeably fewer fans in the stadiums because the main goal is to expel the enemy from our land. I want to thank all the ultras who came to the defense of Ukraine and supported the creation of the Tribuna Heroes fund. Together, we must support the families of people who gave their lives for Ukraine," added the goalkeeper of Dynamo Kyiv, Heorhiy Bushchan.

All support for the families of fallen heroes depends exclusively on donations. You can support the fund by following this link.

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