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"Uncounted since 1932" - The first online national memory restaurant

27 Nov, 2020
"Uncounted since 1932" - The first online national memory restaurant

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"There has never been a catastrophe in the history of mankind that has had such a scale and attracted so little attention." This is what the American journalist and historian William Henry Chamberlain wrote about the Holodomor.

In 2017, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, together with the communication agency Gres Todorchuk PR, created a street restaurant named “Uncounted since 1932". The project is named after the millions of Ukrainians who died during the Holodomor, a man-made famine created by the Soviet government in 1932-1933. The final number of people killed by the Soviet authorities is still unknown. They remained uncounted.

The project was implemented in Israel, Belgium, and Ukraine. Its goal is to spread knowledge about the Holodomor genocide and the crimes against humanity at the hands of the Soviet government. Through the project we aim to raise awareness in other countries and urge them to recognize the Holodomor as genocide.

The online restaurant's menu includes bread made from grated grass and baked straw, scabbard made from potato waste, a crust made from oak bark and chopped reed root, weed soup made from corn heads, a paste made from flour and birch bark, bread made from bran and quinoa leaves, and other terrifying "goodies". In the “Get the price” column, instead of the cost, information is indicated on how these dishes helped Ukrainians to survive, and videos with the stories of the affected families are presented.


boiled cob of the corn and grass
Baked beets and young beet leaves
Small fish with salt, baked in cast iron
The baked dough of flour, tree bark birch and water
dough from grated bark with a handful of oats and goosefoots leaves
ground into flour oak bark, chopped reed roots, and goosefoots
Crumbled and baked straw together with millet and buckwheat chaff, hemp seed cake crushed in a mortar
Baked and finely chopped potato waste with grain residues mixed in hot water
baked flatbread made of grated grass, kneaded in hot water with the addition of flax seeds

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) is a programme of personal and social development, main element of which is the 10-month formational course for secondary school graduates. It combines elements of physical, emotional and intellectual development based on values. Academy’s Mission is to influence the underlying social processes in the Ukrainian society by forming a generation of young people who take responsibility for our nation and have the necessary skills for this.

As of 2020, most countries have not recognized the Holodomor as a genocide of Ukrainians. The very word "Holodomor" remains unknown, as it does not appear in dictionaries. Therefore, the dissemination and understanding of information about this mass atrocity committed by the Soviet authorities remains difficult.

Support campaign to include the word ‘Holodomor’ in all major English dictionaries

Source: uncounted.ual.ua

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The Odessa Journal

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