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Main War What is Ukraine fighting for?


What is Ukraine fighting for?

What is Ukraine fighting for?

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By our collegue Yuri Romanenko

You must understand that we are fighting for civilization. I'm not exaggerating. The outcome of the battle for Ukraine will determine the future of the West. Having lost Ukraine, the West will lose itself. Ukraine's desperate battle with Putin's Chimera is similar in scale to the Battle of Poitiers, when the Christians stopped the advance of the Moors into Europe. Putin's chimera is much more dangerous because, unlike Islam, it denies goodness. Putin has no love, no truth, no values. He literally turned Russia into Mordor. Therefore, the war between Ukraine and Russia is a war of Good and Evil.

Strategically, Ukraine has already won the war. The vast majority of countries in the world are on our side. Our spirit is stronger than ever. No more divided nation. Putin's rockets and bombs have united Ukraine. They turned us into steel. Made us monolithic. Now Ukraine is steel. We are the number one state in the world in spirit. No one dared to challenge Putin. Everyone is afraid of nuclear war. Ukraine is not. Zelensky refused to flee Kyiv under the threat of a tactical nuclear strike. Any other president or leader of a Western power would run. But not the Ukrainian president. This is the greatness of the moment. This is the greatness of the Ukrainian nation. Because everything starts with the spirit. Everything starts with will. Ukrainians today are the personification of will and nobility. We could bombard Belgorod and Taganrog with rockets. But we are Good. We cannot stoop to the level of Putin's Chimera. To be like Putin means to destroy everything that mankind has created. Guys over checkpoints, in the forests of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, in the steppes of Nikolaev and Kharkiv regions, in Odessa, Kyiv and Mariupol, you should know what you are fighting for today.

After the war, Ukraine will become a paradise. Hundreds of billions of dollars will come here, as in South Korea in its time. Leading companies will host headquarters. We will build a powerful military-industrial complex that will allow our army to tear apart anyone who climbs towards us. We will pursue an active foreign and domestic policy. We will create our own Mossad and hold our own Kharkiv Tribunal Nurnberg 2022. Everyone who shelled Ukrainian cities and made decisions will be punished. Perhaps not immediately. Perhaps in years or decades. But they will be punished. It will be a state close to the people. Because the people - simple men and women today bear all the burdens of war. In this hellish fire, the Third Ukrainian Republic is born.

There are many hardships ahead. Dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of victims are ahead. We may lose more territory. We can lose equipment. But the main thing is that we do not lose people. For Good, people matter, but for Evil, they don't. Therefore, we will maneuver. In war, who does not maneuver, he loses. Therefore, do not moan where our air defense is. Why did they lose Berdyansk or Kakhovka. This is a consequence of our laxity for 30 years. We didn't want to accept the ominous signs. We ignored them. We have been ignoring the intellect for too long, throwing away the brains that our beautiful Ukraine is so rich in. That's why we're paying the price today. We can defeat an enemy with vast resources only with brains and will. The will of tens of millions of people for whom Freedom is not an empty phrase. Few in the world are as ready to fight for Freedom as we are. And we are the first of them.

Putin killed our good nature. More precisely, he brought us back to our nature. We are a warrior people. Ukrainians are the steel jaws of history. We have killed more than one empire. Let's kill another one.

Let's kill so that Good will triumph. For gardens to bloom. The children laughed. Women loved their men. Men loved women. Parents were calm for the children. The street smelled not of burnt human flesh, but of flowers, bread, and love.

Ukraine is fighting for this.

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