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Where to: Have a Breakfast in Odessa

27 Jun, 2020
Where to: Have a Breakfast in Odessa

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Whether you’d like to start your day in a restaurant or a biker café – it’s all here

Odessa’s best breakfasts – where to find them?

If you’re already up and out early enough on the weekend, there are some places that will absolutely make your Saturday morning.

From beautiful crispy croissants to bowls (and everything in between) we’ve rounded up Odessa’s best breakfasts, where the food is both delicious and highly Instagrammable. Here is our first selection of the BBP - Best Breakfast places.

Silence Espresso Bar

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The interior is designed in an urban style - gray-beige colors, brick walls and ventilation pipes under the ceiling. Breakfast is served all day long. The menu includes Croc Madame with an English Cheddar and ham, avocado toast with poached egg and pesto of sun-dried tomatoes, scramble on toast with mascarpone, baked tomato and green onions, blueberry oatmeal with banana, chocolate and almonds. Also, two types of pancakes are served for breakfast: the first with poached egg, broccoli and Dor Blue, and the second with caramelized banana and salted caramel.


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Here you will find the largest selection of morning dishes in the city. Whenever you visit this cafe, you will always be greeted with the phrase: “Good morning!”, Even if it will be already dark outside. In the Odessa cafe Benedikt, breakfast is prepared around the clock by the world's best recipes: English, German, Italian, French, Israeli, Belarusian, Ukrainian and many others. The menu also has cheesecakes, cereals and fresh pastries.

Traveler’s Coffee Odessa 

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There are 18 different breakfast on the menu, but you can increase their number by creating an individual breakfast. At the end of the menu there is a section “extras”, among which are eggs cooked in any form, salted salmon, toasts, berries, nutella and others. You can take any breakfast as a basis - green buckwheat with Feta and avocado, for example, and add salted salmon there - a new personal breakfast is ready.


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Breakfast is served all day long, complemented with tea or cocoa. The menu includes omelet with cheese from Odessa goats milk, fried eggs with fried sausage, soft-boiled eggs with green salad and crispy croutons, croissants with salmon and poached egg or fried chicken, cereals and pancakes, dishes from milk and cottage cheese - yogurt with granola, cheesecakes with honey, cottage cheese or cheese with dried fruits and lazy dumplings with sour cream.


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Intelligent city cafe "Minimalist" was created in the spirit of Scandinavian-Japanese aesthetics. Breakfast is served with filter coffee as a gift until 12:00. The menu includes scrambled eggs with slightly salted salmon, arugula and toast bread, poached eggs of your choice with mozzarella or salmon, omelet with mushrooms, scramble with truffle oil on spinach hash brown, toast with avocado mousse on whole grain bread, pancakes, cheesecakes and oats.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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