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Main War — Yulia Latynina: Why the West is slow to supply weapons to Ukraine


Yulia Latynina: Why the West is slow to supply weapons to Ukraine

06 Nov, 2022
Yulia Latynina: Why the West is slow to supply weapons to Ukraine

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In an interview, Yulia Latynina, a Russian journalist and writer, told Unian if it is possible to somehow act faster for the world.

"Unfortunately, in the modern world, there are some conventions that I personally do not like either. For some reason, it is not customary to arrest even a war criminal before he is defeated. Although, from my point of view, this is an outrageous and incomprehensible convention.

And in general, by the way, in different cultures, everything was accepted differently. For example, in China, it was just considered an excellent military trick to invite the enemy to marry his sister or his daughter. He comes to the wedding feast, and then he is arrested or even more serious. But in Europe, for some reason, it was not accepted. Here is the famous "Red Wedding" that happened to George Martin (an episode of a brutal massacre during a wedding in George Martin's novel "A Storm of Swords" (the third part of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga) and the television series "Game of Thrones"). In China, it would be considered a paragon of supreme military art, and vice versa, in Europe, and in George R. Martin itself, it is presented as something out of the ordinary, which is absolutely impossible. That, apparently, is why it will not work to arrest Putin.

I have a feeling it's the same with weapons. It seems to Europe that it is not customary to supply such a quantity of weapons, even in such a severe war.

In addition, there are several other factors. One is that Putin has been engaged in nuclear blackmail for 15 years. And the United States was really afraid of this, especially at the beginning of this war. But then they began to quietly, more and more interfering. And in fact, in terms of the escalation of the conflict, they did very well, because Putin missed the moment when he could stand on his hind legs and say: "Now I will hurl a nuclear weapon." Well, actually, I think this is the main reason why the US is so slow and so planned in delivering weapons.

And this, of course, is very pitiful, because if you look from the point of view of purely military purposes, if you give as many 155 mm guns as they did, plus F16 fighters, ATACMS (Army tactical missile system, surface-to-ground ballistic missile "), armored vehicles and real tanks, then this war will be ended by Ukraine in three to four months.

If all this is not done, if the supply continues in the same way as now, then Putin will last all winter, and by spring, he will have an army of a million people. And this is still a million people; even if they are armed with rusty pans, it’s just hard to grind them. And with this army, he may relaunch an attack from Belarus or something like that. In any case, the stars will sparkle in his eyes, he will assume that everything has gone in the second circle.

The longer this goes on, the more weapons the Americans will have to give. A huge amount of blood will be spilled from the Ukrainian side, a huge amount of destroyed infrastructure, killed children, a huge number of refugees … And the question arises: "Why not supply these weapons now?" Well, apparently, because such is the inertia of the American bureaucratic system."

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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