The Head of the Moscow Orthodox Church is trying to divide Ukrainians

The statement of the head of the Moscow Orthodox Church, Kirill, indicates an attempt by the invaders to open a “second front” in Ukraine on a religious basis, the Ministry of Internal Affairs believes.

The Russian Federation wants to create a line of division within Ukraine along religious lines as one of the possible scenarios for internal destabilization within our country.

The adviser stated this to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko on the air of the informational telethon.

In particular, he commented on today’s statement by the head of the Moscow Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, whose goal, in his opinion, is to “shake” society in Ukraine from within on religious grounds.

“I will express my own opinion… Today, in a Sunday sermon, Patriarch Kirill made a statement that he has been trying to “get rid of” since 2014… Today he is very articulate, he said very clearly, repeated, or rather, all the theses of the article Putin about “one nation” and said that “I understand that now there will be a lot of talk about it in Ukraine, but we are one nation.” Later, he said that the worst thing is when “a brother raises a sword against a brother”…”, – said the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Vadim Denisenko

Denisenko noted that in this case it can be clearly said that “Kirill was forced to do this because he tried to keep silence, not neutrality, but silence.”

Also, the speaker of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs added that this sermon was probably made in order to kindle hostility in Ukraine towards the Moscow Patriarchate and split our country along religious lines.

“I think that there is a high probability that this was done on purpose now so that most of the people who are now negatively, to put it mildly, inclined towards the Russians, join the fight against the Moscow Patriarchate. That is, to create a line of split within Ukraine on a religious basis. Therefore, this is one of the possible scenarios for such an internal destabilization within Ukraine. We must pay attention to this,” Denisenko emphasized.

He also urged Ukrainians to look at the situation with a cold mind, not to let themselves be used and not to be drawn into this new Russian information-psychological “trap“.

“First of all, I would like to ask absolutely everyone to keep a sober head and an unconscious mind … there is the Security Service of Ukraine, which should identify whether this or that person is an agent. In no case should lynching be done here,” he said.

Denisenko also added that even if a community wants to change its affiliation to a particular confession in a particular locality, it has the right to do so under the law.

“I want to call on absolutely everyone to follow the law exclusively, exclusively without lynching, or any physical assault and any other things! We do not need this “second front”, the internal religious front, to which Vladimir Putin is “pushing” us. .. later, after the war, we will figure out who worked for whom, who said what during the war, and who worked or did not work for the Russian Federation,” Denisenko urged.

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