Putin’s “United Russia” party fled from occupied Kherson

This party operated in the territory of Kherson, Ukraine, to prepare for the pseudo-referendum.

The Center for Strategic Communications reported this .

“The shelling of the Antonivsky bridge, which was a kind of “road of life” for the occupiers in the temporarily occupied Kherson, in addition to the logistical one, also had a great psychological effect. United Russia was the first to escape from the Ukrainian city symbolically. Putin’s party explained this by saying that more cannot carry out its “humanitarian activities” in it, the message says.

The Center for Strategic Communications notes that the goal of the “United Russians” was to prepare for a fake referendum in the temporarily occupied Kherson, they did not engage in any humanitarian activities. They add that it is expected that the “gauleiter” Stremousov and Saldo will soon leave Kherson.

We will remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to liberate Kherson and the territory around it by the end of September. The exposé made such a statement of the US Department of Defense, senior researcher of CNAS Chris Dougherty.

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