Record of transshipment of grain and crude oil in the port of Odessa

The Odessa sea trade port reported 2 million 615 thousand tons of cargo handled in August 2021. This is 760.5 thousand tons more (+ 41%) than in August last year.

According to the Odessa branch of the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine, the port handled 991.4 thousand tons of grain in bulk (+ 77%), 513.3 thousand tons of oil and oil products (+ 298%) and 54426 TEU containers (+ 7%).

The versatility of the Odessa port is its undoubted competitive advantage. This allows the company to maintain consistently high production rates in a situation when the market conditions are unfavourable for one or several types of cargo. For example, last year, due to a poor harvest, we lost significant volumes of grain, but port operators handled a record amount of metal products. August of this year was distinguished by a record approach of the fleet with crude oil and a powerful start to the next grain marketing year.

Maxim Lapay, Head of the harbour administration

Operators of oil berths and port elevators met the situation fully armed, which affected the port’s performance as a whole.