Reznikov commented on the results of Rammstein-9

The Minister of Defense noted that delegations from 54 countries took part in the meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine today.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said he was delighted with the results of the next, ninth meeting in the Ramstein format, which took place today.

He said this in a short interview with the media, the video of which was published by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He drew attention to the growing anti-Kremlin coalition because delegations from 54 countries took part in the meeting today.

“I want to say that I heard clear messages from all representatives. This is full support for Ukraine until victory. And everyone considers Ukraine’s victory on the battlefield to be a victory. This is speed, timeliness and stability. I wrote down these theses because that’s how they sounded “, said the minister.

According to Reznikov, the keyword at the meeting today was the word “unity”.

“The unity of everyone around Ukraine for the sake of Ukraine’s victory. Stoltenberg noted that “speed saves lives,” and this phrase sounded in different variations from partners,” the minister said.

Reznikov said that they also continued to talk today about training units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for developing new equipment, which is provided to Ukraine.

“So that ready-made units carry out the tasks of the General Staff to liberate the temporarily occupied territories,” he stressed.

Reznikov added that the meeting also heard a report on the verification of the use of NATO systems by the Ukrainian army, which was transferred.

“Everyone was satisfied with the report. And we invited any country, if they need it, to come and check where the weapons from their country are, which they have transferred or will transfer,” Reznikov added.

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