RF-style Mobilization: men under the age of 65 and students

In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy forcibly mobilizes men under the age of 65 and students.

Mobilization of the population has been announced on local television in the occupied territories of Lugansk region. In order to increase the number of potential “conscripts”, the occupiers are raising the age limit for “conscripts” to 65 years.

Students are actively involved in the ranks of the occupying army. In particular, all students of Lugansk Railway Technical School are officially summoned to the educational institution for “registration”. The director of the school personally calls those who have already turned 18. The situation is similar at Lugansk Medical University – the institution has announced the mandatory arrival and registration of senior students.

Obsolete equipment is issued to the “mobilized”: bulletproof vests of the 1974 model, protective helmets of 1971 production.

Temporarily occupied territories passports

There are rumors and panic among the military personnel caused by heavy losses – the seriously wounded and loads of bodies are constantly arriving in the occupied territories.

Sixteen killed “mobilized” people were brought to the Lugansk meat-packing plant. However, relatives are not provided with any information about the place in the circumstances of death.

Forced mobilization in pseudo-state entities controlled by Russia violates Article 51 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, which strictly prohibits the occupying Power from forcing citizens under its protection to serve in its armed or auxiliary forces.