“Rock Paper Scissors” by Natasha Shulte

Natasha Schulte’s new exhibition offers to the viewers a “journey to the edge of human capabilities”. The exhibition will run from 02 July to 07 August in the Invogue Art Gallery.

The exhibition explores the transgressive experience and human sensations that arise at the intersection of pleasure and pain, and combines painting and poetry, integrated into space. Residents and visitors are offered an interactive experience: they must independently find all the elements of the exhibition, located in both obvious and hidden places. Thus, art becomes an integral part of the work process and the creative atmosphere of the space.

The French philosopher Georges Bataille described the transgressive experience as crossing the border between the possible and the impossible, lifting the prohibition without destroying it, thereby ensuring the possibility of staying at the limit, “a journey to the edge of human capabilities.”

Boundary experience can be embodied in various spheres of life – in politics, madness, sex – where the subject reaches such a critical point, loses himself, turning into something radically different. At the same time, it is a fertile field for manipulation – stimulation of pleasure is exploited and widely used as an instrument of social control. But is it possible not to fall into this trap, balancing on the fine line between moderation and insanity?

Natasha Schulte in “Rock Paper Scissors” explores this issue. The oil paintings depict the faces of people in borderline states: moments when pain turns into pleasure, or vice versa – pleasure becomes so intense that it is difficult to distinguish it from pain.

In addition to painting, the exhibition includes video art from the “Bubblegum” project. This is a video documenting the artist’s personal experiences and ideas about childbirth. The intense physical experiences of a particular person, presented in the video, are simultaneously permeated with a shared past, private and political fantasies.

Curator – Natalie Simonova