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ECO: Enamine: molecules for sale

22 Oct, 2021
ECO: Enamine: molecules for sale

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The Ukrainian company Enamine LTD is the world's largest supplier of molecules used to discover new drugs. Enamine has achieved this thanks to technological solutions that have made it possible to offer the world’s largest collection of screening compounds for the biological screening.

The company screening collection currently contains 2 906 530 low molecular weight organic compounds. Synthesis of such immense number of diverse and distinct compounds in significant amount (typically 150 mg is in stock) was enabled owing to the early focus of the company on development of its own building block inventory.

Enamine Ltd was founded in 1991 with the advent of high throughput screening in early drug discovery. The driving force of the company’s development was rapidly increasing demand for new chemical compounds. In over 15 year Enamine has become a world leading provider of Screening Compounds and Building Blocks.

The company is committed to providing Life Science industries with wide spectrum of smart chemistry solution to support their efforts in the design of new drugs and other bioactive products.

Enamine brings Levin “nitrogen-deleting” reagent to the market

The body of Enamine, 230 employees, was formed by specialists of leading scientific institutions of Ukraine as well as by talented graduates from Ukrainian universities and institutions. Over 55 scientists of Enamine have been awarded PhD degree and 4 of them have obtained the degree of Doctor of Sciences. Nowadays, Enamine is the largest fine chemicals producer in Ukraine integrating scientific potential and supporting various projects aimed at the development of fundamental research in organic chemistry.

Amazingly, but chemical space of 21 billion compounds is stored in an archive of merely a few hundred megabytes, and the average search time on a standard computer is between 2 and 4 minutes.

Quick access to quality compound libraries is the key driver to accelerating drug discovery

Enamine is a participant of a global Open Science initiative “COVID Moonshot”, aimed at discovering novel therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2.

To meet the urgent need for potent new antivirals against COVID-19, Enamine has designed and preplated a small-molecule compound library focusing on SARS-CoV important targets, available for quick delivery to any screening drug discovery labs.

Covalent Compounds - the largest in-stock collection of 71,000+ covalent modifiers for drug design

The Coronavirus Library consists of 7 sublibraries, which can be acquired independently if desired. All other target-focused sublibraries passed stringent MedChem filters, including PAINS and Molecular Parameters restrictions to represent mainly lead-like space. The hits derived from the Corona Library can be easily followed with analogs and growing strategy to maximize MedChem variability within the structure. 

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