Roman Svitan: About the movement of troops near Kherson. If there is an order, it will be a retreat; if there is no order, it will be an escape

“Indeed, several thousand mobilized soldiers were thrown onto the right bank (of Dniepr River). They were given the task of preparing. They gave them several horns (for a machine gun) and now they are learning to shoot at the firing ranges near Kherson and Berislav. And they are put into operation as a ready-made combat unit, mainly to carry out defense tasks.”

A military expert, Roman Svitan, spoke about it in the interview with Natalia Moseychuk.

“Heavy equipment is being moved from the right to the left bank, assuming our attack. They are trying to save it. And they also transfer long-range artillery systems from the left bank, hiding behind the Dnieper River. They are needed to cover the retreating Russian troops. They are located in the areas of crossings in the areas of Antonovsky Bridge and Kakhovka. From a military point of view, this is the right move if they plan to withdraw. That is, with a controlled withdrawal of troops, and they will leave mainly along the Kakhovka dam, and part will leave through the Antonovsky bridge. And accordingly, these bridgeheads will need to be covered: with artillery from the left bank, and mobilized from the right bank. The mobilized will die from the blows of Ukrainian troops. This is clear. But they will cover the withdrawal of the main forces. They (mobilized) were thrown onto the right bank for this task.

The fact that they will move from the right run to the left, the Russian military is well aware of this. There is no political decision yet, but the military knows they cannot hold out on the right bank.

The number of Ukrainian troops on the right bank is already bigger. We already have parity in artillery, according to the amount we can pour on their heads. Our aviation also operates on the right bank. Therefore, they (the Russian military) understand that they have no need and no opportunity to hold the right bank. But they will hold the right bank “until the last Russian”. Either escape or leave. Depending on the order. If there is an order, it will be a retreat; if there is no order, it will be an escape. It will be, I think, in the next few weeks.

Why do I have such confidence? We are advancing along the entire front line of the right bank, several kilometers daily. Such squeezing out of Russians, in this mode, without breakthroughs since there is practically no operational space. With any breakthrough, we immediately run into the Dnieper River or the Kakhovka Reservoir. For example, such squeezing of the Russians along the entire line of the Dnieper forced them to leave Chernobaevka since our artillery is already getting it.

Ukrainian artillery can already perform area tasks. Himars or Excalibur are point weapons, quite expensive. They are not appropriate to hit on the airfield. And army artillery can easily deal with this. Now we are 15-20 km from Chernobaevka. The Russians are well aware of this, so they got out of Chenobaevka. These are the elements of waste. They are already visible. Therefore, by the end of the month, we will clean the right bank.”

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