Roman Svitan: the main task of the invaders today is a complete blackout in Ukraine

REUTERS/Vladyslav Sodel

He said this in an interview with 1+1.

“After the energy facilities, the Russians may begin to fire at gas and water supply facilities, as well as the railway. Also bridges, that is, all infrastructure that is subject to air strikes. Bге now they (the Russians) have the primary task of disconnecting Ukraine from energy consumption. The first task is the power system. The fact is that the water supply does not work without electricians.”

Roman Svitan also commented on whether a total blackout in Ukraine could affect the situation at the front, slow down the repair of damaged equipment, or destroy supply chains.

“Of course, logistics chains are at high risk, as part of the equipment is transferred by rail. At the same time, if electric locomotives cannot work, the transfer of equipment will be carried out by diesel locomotives. Repair of equipment is carried out at military factories, and they have an alternative, additional energy sources; very powerful generators are launched and equipment repair will not stop. Therefore, the blackout will not significantly impact the movement of troops at the front and the restoration of equipment.”

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