Roman Svitan: Turkey did not allow the Kalibr carriers to pass into the Black Sea

Turkey blocked the maneuver of the aggressor country.

The Russian Federation tried to transfer Kalibr carriers to the Black Sea so that more missiles would threaten Ukraine. However, Turkey blocked such a maneuver and sent Russian ships to the Mediterranean.

“The fact is that the Turks did not allow the Kalibr carriers to pass into the Black Sea. They deployed them, and they have even gone to the Mediterranean Sea, that is, in principle, the Russians still have sea-based Kalibr carriers, but they simply are not on the Black sea. And those that are – there are 4-5 carriers, that’s what they can do the maximum.

That is, today, there were 22 missiles. Therefore, this is still the ceiling. Moreover, they can release 2-3 dozen of Kalibr – not more. Also diesel engines and submarines are not used, it is very difficult to reload and dangerous. The ships of the Black Sea Fleet are mainly used,” says military expert Roman Svitan

  • According to Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Russia has missiles left for another 3-4 massive attacks on Ukraine.
  • The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense noted that the stocks of precision-guided missiles in Russia had fallen to a critical level in many respects. At the same time, it was reported that the Russians still have many S-300 missiles.

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