Romanian Defense Minister resigns after scandalous statements about Ukraine

He considers his cooperation with the President of Romania impossible.

Romanian senator and defense minister Vasile Dincu, who has faced criticism from the president and party members after controversial comments about Russia’s war against Ukraine, has resigned. He announced this on his Facebook page.

“This morning I submitted my resignation from the Minister of National Defense post to Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Chuca,” wrote Vasile Dincu, and published the full text of this appeal.

Dincu writes that his decision to resign is because he considers it impossible for him to cooperate with the President of Romania, the army’s supreme commander.

“I consider it necessary to step down from this position in order not to harm the decision-making processes and programs in any way … and not to block several projects that are absolutely necessary for the optimal functioning of the Ministry of National Defense and the Romanian Army,” the minister writes.

Dincu also thanked the prime minister for his cooperation and assured that he would support him as a senator and a member of the Romanian Parliament.

Scandalous statements by Vasile Dincu

Vasile Dincu, 60, Minister of Defense and a member of Romania’s ruling political force, the Social Democratic Party, has been making controversial statements about the situation in Ukraine following the full-scale invasion of our territory by Russian occupiers.

In particular, he stated that Western countries should negotiate with Russia to end the war, even if they ended in a frozen conflict. They say that the Russian Federation has the resources to continue hostilities and it is necessary to agree on security guarantees for Ukraine because the authorities of our country will not agree to the “unjust loss of territories.”

Such statements by the head of the Romanian Defense Ministry did not find support either from President Klaus Iohannis, who said that only the government in Kyiv can decide with whom to negotiate or from the leader of the Social Democrats, Marcel Ciolacu.

Last week they started talking about Dincu’s resignation. In particular, Ciolacu said at a press conference on October 17 that if Prime Minister Nicolae Chuca wanted to dismiss him, the coalition should discuss this issue.

Ciolacu also noted in response to journalists’ questions that if the minister agreed to resign, this would be taken into account.

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