“Rome” from Luxembourg in Odessa

ROME is a cult project from Luxembourg, created in 2005. Its permanent participant and founder is Jérôme Reuter. January 17th at More Music Club

ROME has created a magical world of contradictions that permeates all songs. This world with clarity and undamaged kindness seems to take you out of everyday life and immerse you in an entirely different utopia.

Expressed through the note of militarism, the romance of the revolution and resistance to “unjust society” can be traced in many of the band’s songs.

Jérôme Reuter

The compositions are influenced by the ethics of European moral philosophy (mainly the Renaissance and Enlightenment), embodied in the concept of human honor and dignity.

The central place in creativity is given to man. In ROME’s lyrics there are passages in the spirit of the classics of Enlightenment: the assertion of man’s power over himself, without low feelings, lords and religion.

Reuter previously recorded music under the name Reggie Fain, which Tom Waits influenced. ROME just released a new album, the glorious Parlez-vous Hate? , where its pessimistic and scathing content is hidden behind catchy tunes and puns. Two singles from the album were released on YouTube prior to the album release: “Panzerschokolade”, on December 31, 2020, and “Parlez-Vous Hate?”, on January 21, 2021.

The romantic spirit of Enlightenment humanism gives the Luxembourg project a sense of European art that strongly influences the perception of music. The specific sound of ROME can be described as neo-folk, combined with martial industrial and neo-classic arrangements. Everything, in general, creates a unique atmosphere when listening.

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