Russia pulls echelons with missiles to the Ukrainian border

The train will arrive at the Ukrainian border by August 20.

Photo: Reuters

In the sixth month of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia is moving rockets and ammunition to the Ukrainian border and the occupied territories, in particular, a train is coming from Ulan-Ude.

This was reported by the Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU StratCom).

It is noted that a train with ammunition left Ulan-Ude: it consists of 28 wagons and carries 32 missiles to S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems. Stratcom expects that he will arrive at the borders of Ukraine on the 20th of August.

Stratcom also noted that the threat of shelling Ukraine with at least S-300 missiles is obvious.

“Given the arrival of a number of echelons by the 20th, it is also obvious that they are concentrated by August 24,” the department added.

It is also reported that in mid-August, more than 120 containers with S-300 missiles were seized from the arsenal of complex ammunition storage in Kotovo.

In addition, Stratcom reports that 440 transport and launch containers (TPK) for the S-300 air defense system were stored in the Dzhankoy area in the temporarily occupied Crimea. There are more than 60 TPKs for the S-300 at the Zyabrovka airfield in Belarus.

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