Russia sent another batch of stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria

A Russian company sent another batch of grain stolen from Ukraine from Sevastopol. A ship loaded with wheat is bound for Syria.

This was reported by Yörük Işık, an observer of traffic along the Bosphorus, on Twitter.

“Russian state owned United Shipbuilding’s subsidiary Astrakhan based Crane Marine Contractor’s Matros Shevchenko transits Bosphorus carrying 27000t of plundered wheat from occupied Sevastopol to Tartus, Syria. AIS is falsely set to Beirut,” the message reads.

“While the world is busy with the extension of grain deal, Russia’s sophisticated smuggling op continues unabated, carried out by state-owned companies using falsified manifests & seaborne subterfuge to steal Ukrainian grain,” the message reads.

We will remind you that last year, Syria sharply increased wheat imports from the temporarily occupied Crimea, which is a sign of strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries.

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