Russian kamikaze drones attacked power facilities in the Odessa region

Significant damage was caused, and thousands of consumers were left without electricity.

Russian kamikaze drones attacked energy facilities in the Odessa region.

This was reported in the operational command “South”.

“At night, the enemy attacked the country’s south with kamikaze drones. Continuing the man-made terror, it hit energy infrastructure facilities in the Odessa region, causing significant damage and leaving thousands of consumers without electricity,” the report says.

There is no information about the victims.

According to the speaker of the Odessa military administration Serhiy Bratchuk, 2 drones were shot down in the sky over the region, but there are hits on the object and damage.

Currently, the work of rescue and recovery services continues.

The air defense forces shot down two Shahed-136s over the Odessa region, four over the Kherson region, and four over the Mykolaiv.

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