Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs puts Bellingcat journalist Christo Grozev on the wanted list

Christo Grozev, a well-known journalist and Bellingcat investigator, has been on the wanted list in the Russian Federation. His card appeared in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation database.

This was reported by the portal “Mediazona”. Media employees found Grozev in the list of individuals seeking to catch the Russian security forces.

A clarification on this score was made by the propagandistic media RIA Novosti. The portal source allegedly said that a criminal case was opened against Grozev “about the spread of fakes about the Russian army.” And before that, the investigator was recognized as a “foreign agent.”

Grozev’s latest investigations

The journalist found out that spies from the Russian Federation, detained in Sweden in November, had previously lived in the same house with employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia.

Grozev also told what the terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin was doing in the ranks of the occupying army: “The Bellingcat team has been studying materials about the suspects in the MH17 crash for years. As for the whereabouts of Girkin: he does not fight at the front in Ukraine, but works in the Russian army. He trains and recruits volunteers for the war.”

At the end of October, Grozev spoke in detail about the Russians aiming missiles at Ukraine. These are young people with specialized education.

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