Russian invaders wounded in Ukraine in the hope of treatment “stacked” in hospitals in Belarus

According to a number of Belarusian telegrams that support Ukraine in its fight against Russia, wounded soldiers of Putin’s army are brought to Mozyr Hospital several times a day, and their condition is extremely serious.

In particular, one of the reports states that a resuscitation vehicle was spotted on Mozyr highways with the identification mark “V”. Eyewitnesses also report that this car was seen yesterday and today on the road from Narovlya to Mozyr. The authors claim that this means that the wounded are transported to hospitals and that this car can transport the seriously wounded from the hospital in Narovlya or the hospital in Yelsk.

The authors of the material also learned that the landing site for helicopters at the military hospital in Narovlya has been changed and now they land mostly in the dark. To see and film less criminal actions of the Russian and Belarusian authorities, which hide the losses of the Russian military.

Ordinary residents of the city are already outraged and began to complain that the admission department at the Mozyr Hospital has not been working properly since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. And patients of the hospital report that they stop letting civilians come inside in several times a day and for several hours, the admission department does not accept ambulances with patients. And all this is happening just when military vehicles with wounded Russian invaders are arriving.

According to Belarusian bloggers, the condition of the wounded soldiers is extremely serious. They are “stacked” in a hospital, where they lie without arms / legs / eyes and personal hygiene products, even diapers. This is the attitude of the Russian invaders towards their own wounded people. However, even there, in Belarus, all the actions of Putin’s criminal government in the best traditions of the Kremlin leaders are hidden from prying eyes.

Source: ArmiaInform

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