Russians staged a spontaneous dump on the border with Georgia, waiting in line to leave the Russian Federation

Photo from Russian resources

The queues of Russian men wishing to leave Russia in connection with the announcement of partial mobilization are growing at the section of the Russian-Georgian border at the Upper Lars checkpoint.

Photos and videos of the morning situation at the checkpoint were published on social networks by the Russians themselves.

Some citizens have settled down at the trash bins themselves; others are waiting for their turn at the chippers.

The average waiting time in a walking queue is more than a day. Motorists stand for several days, Russian resources write.

Those wishing to leave complain about the lack of gasoline, water and food.

Georgian Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri saw no reason to close the border with Russia.

“I do not understand the demands of one part of the opposition to close the border with Russia, and the other, on the contrary, to receive as many Russians as possible. We have no reason to close the border with Russia,” he told reporters.

The Georgian authorities have already taken measures to strengthen control at border checkpoints, in particular, increasing the number of employees for customs control.

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