SBU cyber specialists actively oppose Russian propaganda: almost 500 Youtube channels and several thousand accounts in other social networks are blocked

Stupid fakes about “biolabs” and radio-controlled geese, hatred of Ukrainians, and refined lies for their citizens.

This is precisely the formula used by Russian propaganda, generating an endless stream of delusion.

However, it is not effective in Ukraine. After all, the SBU successfully opposes the Russians not only in battles but also on the information front.

The Service’s cyber specialists detain hostile agitators and agents, neutralize cyberattacks and expose Russian fakes.

Thus, at the request of the SBU, almost 500 pro-Russian Youtube channels with an audience of more than 15 million subscribers were blocked. 1529 Telegram channels and bots, 426 Instagram accounts, 93 Facebook accounts and 1050 TikTok accounts were blocked.

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