SBU identified Kadyrov’s friend who tortured a minor during the temporary occupation of Kyiv region

The security service has established the identity of another war criminal from the Russian Federation, who committed atrocities against civilians during the temporary occupation of one of the villages of the Kyiv region. Among the victims of his actions were minor children.

The attacker turned out to be the commander of the special purpose mobile unit (known as OMON) of the Russian Guard in the Chechen Republic of “Akhmat” – Bisayev Anzor Saladievich. This occupier was part of Kadyrov’s inner circle.

At the beginning of March, while staying on the territory of the village of Babyntsi, Buchansky district, the invader, together with his subordinates, broke into one of the local private houses and kidnapped a teenager.

At gunpoint and holding a knife to his head, the invaders demanded information from him about the location of Ukrainian troops.

When the torture did not produce the “desired result”, the boy was placed in an armored car and the abuse continued, using violence and threats of physical violence.

After the liberation of Kyiv region, the perpetrator fled to the territory of the Russian Federation, where he is hiding from justice.

Currently, the investigators of the Security Service informed him of the suspicion under part 1 of Art. 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Comprehensive measures are underway to bring the occupier to justice.

SBU officers carried out measures to expose the perpetrator in the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region under the procedural guidance of the prosecutor’s office.

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