Sculptures made of concrete and leaky pots: modern art in the Odessa City Garden

Gallery ArtOdessa in the Summer Theater of the City Garden has opened an art project by Sergey Likhovid “Lunch Break”, which can be visited until October 11.

On the walls of the gallery there are powerful graphics: brutal builders “have lunch”, leaving behind their tools. Large-scale monotypes literally breathe healthy energy and labour enthusiasm, plus a fully working concrete mixer was buzzing at the opening day, and the trombonist was playing “We are not firemen, we are not carpenters.”

The models were the builders seen by the author in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria. Monotypes were created using offset printing ink, and the buffet table was served on a newspaper, as it would be on a construction site. In the hall there are also small sculptures made of concrete, and on the piano there is an art object made of leaky pots called “From empty to empty”, and the pans are humanized, they have legs.

Endless construction and eternal repairs are an integral part of our life and everyday life, from household work to global construction. One comfort zone replaces another or is superimposed on top, mixed inward, where hybrid zones appear, which can hardly be called comfort … No, they are not abandoned – they have life. And in this life its own reality flows. Asphalt-concrete development is not always on a par with other technologies and human biological development. The difference in the development of these plots forms the so-called “temporary isolators” that people create for themselves, and fall into them, and remain there to live for generations. Both small settlements and large cities and entire states fall into these isolators. They fall for more than a dozen years. The so-called progress, which has long turned into regression. The classic concrete is replaced by a lively and intelligent one. “Lunch Break” is a lunchtime reflections on the topic of our everyday, home, distant and not very future…

Sergey Likhovid

Sergey Likhovid is a painter, graphic artist, creator of stained glass windows and enamels (including women’s jewelry). He is the initiator and curator of various art projects and actions, in particular, the unique web festival of land-art, held annually in Kuyalnik.

For one of the Odessa Biennials of Contemporary Art, he created a sculpture of a “hot” guy from lighters, and soon the country really flared up, so the author’s instinct can be trusted. Whether construction work here and there will be of use to all of us, we learn from the following futuristic art project by Sergey Likhovid. It will be interesting!

Source: Dumskaya.net