Sergey Zhirnov: the visit to Crimea and Mariupol can be called a “farewell” visit of Vladimir Putin’s double

In recent days, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin allegedly visited the temporarily occupied Crimea and Mariupol and then arrived in Rostov-on-Don. These visits were rather strange. In general, it is doubtful that it was the real Putin.

Sergey Zhirnov, an ex-employee of the KGB and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the visit to Crimea and Mariupol can be called a “farewell” visit of Vladimir Putin’s double.

As Zhirnov noted, all three visits showed absolutely nothing. During his visit to Crimea, the dictator allegedly visited a children’s art school where there was not a single child. A night appearance followed this in Mariupol, where he reportedly communicated with local residents. And from Rostov, not a single building was shown at all.

Imagine that this is the real Putin. What happened? In Sevastopol, he came to school and did nothing. However, they have the 9th anniversary of the annexation. In Mariupol, he walked around the yards. And in Rostov, it is generally unclear what was there and why. From the point of view of the visit of the head of state, everything looked rather ridiculous.

Sergey Zhirnov

Zhirnov is sure that there was a double of Putin in Sevastopol. The Russian dictator almost always keeps his right hand pressed to his body while walking. But then the double calmly waved it.

On the other hand, in Russian cities, preparations for Putin’s visit begin several days in advance. There are massive security guards, and no one is allowed anywhere.

As was a visit in Buryatia, the cities were cleared three days before. During the day, there were massive traffic jams, but nothing happened. When he was going to Volgograd, everyone stopped there. It was impossible to get through. And then, as if without warning, he arrived. Ridiculous.

Sergey Zhirnov

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