Shelves with Ukrainian goods will appear in foreign supermarkets

Ukrainian entrepreneurs have launched the Ucare project, which will help fill shelves with Ukrainian goods in supermarkets abroad.

Ucare is a special project initiated by the leaders of the Ukrainian food market with the assistance of the FoodTechShelf international impact project, with the help of which a large grocery retailer will be able to support Ukrainian producers by creating a channel for working with Ukrainian companies, and create the shelves with popular Ukrainian products in the stores. And Ukrainian producers, in their turn, will be able to easily get into the largest retail chains around the world.

Currently, products from Ukraine are sold in chains such as Spar, Lidl, Auchan, Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour, Aldi, 7 Eleven. Ucare currently operates in the US and UK markets.

“Due to the war, the demand for Ukrainian products in the world has increased significantly, so, first of all, there is a commercial benefit here – for retailers, Ucare opens up the market for quality Ukrainian products. Also, the presence of a “Ukrainian shelf” will increase consumer loyalty to the network,” the project initiators believe.

Ucare will assist manufacturers in demand analysis, marketing, negotiations, logistics, warehousing, certification, localization, and customization in the EU, USA and China.

Manufacturers who meet the following conditions can participate: the goods are manufactured on the territory of Ukraine; the goods are not present in the foreign network to which the application is submitted; the quality of goods meets EU and US standards; there is sufficient production capacity for export.

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