The shortest Southern route connecting Romania-Ucraina

Ferry complex “Orlovka – Isaccea” appeared on Google maps. This indicates the popularity of this service and the growth of positive user reviews on the network.

Ferry compex “Orlovka – Isaccea” is the unique, modern ferry complex in Orlovka village, Reni District, Odessa Region with an international border crossing point for ferry, passenger and freight services between Orlovka (Ukraine) – Isaccea (Romania).

Recently, the complex appeared on Google maps, which proves that the Orlovka (UA) – Isaccea (RO) ferry line is popular not only among freight carriers, but also among ordinary tourists, because Google makes adjustments to its services based on the recommendations of ordinary users.

The Orlovka – Isaccea ferry crossing gives the direct and shortest route from Ukraine to the countries of Southern Europe and Turkey.

The hydrotechnical part of the complex with two levels allows to continuously take ferries at any time of the year, regardless of the level of the Danube.

Daily ferry service is able to carry in any of the following directions: up to 500 units of transport, of which about 150 freight and 350 passenger cars; up to 1000 passengers.

Photo: Sergey Lazutkin

The distance from Orlovka Ferry Complex to Romanian Ferry Terminal Isaccea is 900 meters, the transit time is 7-8 minutes. Due to the ferry crossing, the route (between the states) was reduced by 200 km, and the time of customs clearance (cargo) – by 10-12 hours.

Thus, now Google now officially chooses the shortest southern route to the EU through the Danube.

The tarifs are:

  • 15€ Сar
  • 2€ Bicycle-moped
  • 3€ Motorcycle
  • 20€ Minibus 8 – 22 seats
  • 25€ Bus over 22 seats
  • 5€ Semi-trailer (car trailer)
  • 25€ Trucks and vans up to 10 tons
  • 35€ Trucks over 10 tons
  • 10€ Trailer
  • 50€ Oversized vehicles (scrapers, combines, trailers, trucks (TIR), etc.)
  • 1€ Passenger

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