“Shot of the Year 2021”

The Odessa Photographic Association and City Club of Photographers “Foton-2” exhibit “Shot of the Year 2021” at the All-Ukrainian Center for Bulgarian Culture.

Cover photo feature the work by Dmitry Baev

“Shot of the Year” is a traditional annual exhibition. This is the 19th competition held among photographers from Odessa and Odessa region.

The XIX exhibition competition “Shot of the Year 2021” received 300 photographs from 79 authors. The jury selected 90 works by 75 authors to participate in the exposition.

The following works were awarded by the jury’s decision:

  • GRAND PRIX Baev Dmitry“Vincent”,
  • I PLACE Kurlya Sergey “The Brotherhood of the Red Umbrella”,
  • II PLACE Koreneva Anna “Champion”,
  • III PLACE Bershadsky Yuri“Storm”.
Baev Dmitry – “Vincent”


  • Dodonova Tatiana“Theater begins with …”,
  • Onishchenko Vyacheslav“Air pollution”,
  • Parkhots Julia“Children’s photography”,
  • Sallo Alexey“Wave”,
  • Filipenko Natalia“Hope”,
  • Evans Olga“Her eyes”.

Professional authors and novice interesting photographers attend the competition. “Shot of the Year” is an opportunity for well-known photographers to present their work to the audience. For new authors, the competition can become a start and stimulus for further development in photography. A variety of individual styles and directions will allow each photographer to find their admirers.


The exhibition’s opening will take place on January 13, 2022 at 16.00 in the premises of the All-Ukrainian Center for Bulgarian Culture (Odessa, lane. Vice-Admiral Zhukov, 9). The exhibition competition “Shot of the Year 2021” is held with the partnership support of the Paparazzi Photo Shop, the “Favorite of Fortune” magazine, and the OKSAR Photo Center.

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